The Latest Try

When Max is wiggly and has a hard time paying attention during homeschool, I have listened to the advice given to me from various sources.  Just take a quick break and make him do something physically hard.  At one point I had an actual list of ideas on the fridge but by now the ideas are well-memorized.  Today’s idea was this:


It worked.

The end.

Wait.  Wait. Wait.  What I really wanted to see if you noticed is how I moved around the furniture in my kitchen?  See that beautiful pressboard cabinet up there?  It’s now on the other side of the kitchen table awaiting its final move to the front porch to be picked up in the morning.

For someone else to own!

‘Cause I got this now!


And I love it, love it, love it.  It came the other day on this:


And I am giddy because I’ve never owned any furniture from any of those fine stores, but I’ve studied their catalogs for 10 years.  But never mind the store where it came from, the exciting part is that THEY ASSEMBLED IT!

I searched high and low for what I wanted and, true to form, I overthought, over analyzed, over searched, over Craiglisted, and overwhelmed my poor husband with too many details about kitchen hutches, microwaves, cabinets, and my inward journey to embrace the homeschool kitchen right before he left on a 12 day missions trip.

But all was not lost because he gave me the green light to get whatever I wanted (or, just please shut up about it!) before he left.

All part of my plan.  I’m totally kidding.

Actually, I was super happy to see this bookshelf at Pottery Barn Kids (thinking outside the kitchen microwave hutch box) on clearance.  Plus free in-home delivery and set-up.  Surprisingly it was within our budget and did I tell you I love it?  Because I do.

Especially that beautiful plastic child safety lock.  That’s what really makes it look good.

And the gumballs.



3 thoughts on “The Latest Try

  1. I love it! New furniture is so much fun. I’m glad you were able to find something that worked. Sometimes it is so hard to just.make.a.decision! 🙂

    That’s a great idea for the wiggles. I’m struggling with the littles being too loud and distracting for the others to THINK! It’s only our 2nd full day of school. I hope we can work out the kinks sooner rather than later.

  2. It’s beautiful!! I can see why you like it!

    One of my friends at church is ADD and one of her kiddos is likely as well. She gave me some ideas of things that his teacher does with him – keeping the hands busy with things that don’t require thought is the trick – playdough (she can’t make things, just squeeze it in her hands), a bendy snake, wikki sticks (again just to wiggle around, not really making anything), and a metal thing that you can bend into a circle and then an oval that I got in the “rewards” section of the teacher store.

    And my ultimate weapon when she is really driving me insane with the wiggly – gum. Something about keeping the mouth moving keeps the rest of the body still. I save it because I don’t want it to wear off. Plus, I have to watch like a hawk that she keeps the gum off the carpet, but some days it is worth it. 🙂

    I’d love to know your list!!! Share, share!!

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