Random Thoughts on Departure Day

I asked Mike if he thinks it will be easier to travel with four teens and two women over the Atlantic ocean to a country he’s never been before or to travel with me and two small kids…anywhere.  He said the former.

Yeah, he’s probably right.  We are high maintenance.

We had a light, fun, sweet morning before he left.  He probably has no idea what I’m talking about because there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary like belgian waffles but I felt the sweetness.  Saying goodbye, knowing you’re about to be separated for almost 2 weeks, understanding how different our 2 weeks will be for each one of us, I’m already anticipating the homecoming.

I love Mike so much and I sooo badly want to be going on this trip with him.  I can’t wait to hear the stories and experience for myself what God is doing in the hearts of the students on the trip.  Plus, I got to hear Mike practice all these great worship songs plus a bunch of non-churchy perfect-for-YL-camp songs.  I really wanted to sing them with a crowd of energetic teens.  These are my people he’s going to be with.  Even though the ones going on the trip hardly make eye contact with me because I was their dorky Jr. High leader (and that was soooo 2006) I’m…let’s be honest…jealous!

I hope that’s a good kind of jealousy…the kind that really just spurs me on to pray and be that necessary support back home.  I’ll be plenty busy here in Maryland on my own missions trip, anyway.  The one I’m lucky to be on everyday as a mom.  Sometimes I use that word lucky sarcastically, depending on how often I sweep the floor.  Today I really mean it – and yeah, I know I should be saying blessed, not lucky.

I can’t wait for Mike to call us on Skype and I get to hear the first report.  I hope the video will work so we can see each other’s face.  I’ll need to keep my hair brushed won’t I?

I’ll be excited to hear how the trip is going.  But my expectations are low – he doesn’t really give “full reports” per se LOL.  He’s a man of few words over the phone but I know that will be a different story when he gets home.  I just have to…ugh…wait…for…it.

So, on this departure day, I am feeling a high level of anticipation of what God will do.  For both of us on BOTH of our missions trips 🙂

Oh, if you guys could pray for a short list of things:

1.  For safe travel for the team, eyes open to see God work, priorities in line, flexibility and great attitude, safe arrival of Mike’s guitar and all the luggage, protection from illness for everyone, encouragement to our YL missionaries over there, for campers to accept Christ for the first time or rededicate their lives to the Lord.

2.  Max has a fever today and is coming down with the cold that Mini and I had last week.  Thank God Mike seemed to escape this one.

3.  For a great time with my sister and her kids.

Thanks, everyone.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on Departure Day

  1. I love that you included prayer requests in your post, and I consider it a privilege to petition on your family’s behalf. Destiny

  2. I’ll be praying for you….and Mike as well as your kids and the ones of the oversees Mission trip! Trips like this are so rewarding as well as draining. Please keep us updated…

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