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Gone for 12 Days

Mike is leaving for his missions trip to Prague on Tuesday and it hit me hard this weekend that he’ll be gone for 12 days.  I literally burst into tears in the kitchen on Saturday and asked him to hold me.

Even after 12 years of marriage, he still gives me a weird look when I do that.

Especially when I do it while he’s making a turkey sandwich.

He was a good husband, though, and put the Miracle Whip down and gave me a hug.  And a there-there pat.  Hmm.  I guess he’s not quite as emotional about being gone so long.

Actually, he’s very excited about the trip.  He’ll be doing what he absolutely loves to do – hanging out with students, open to talking about whatever is on their minds, and playing guitar.  Every day.   He’ll be leading the music for a Young Life English camp and taking his beloved Taylor with him.  Let’s all say a prayer that it makes it there and back safely, unlike Dave Carroll’s experience.

If it doesn’t, though, I’ll be right here for him.  With a hug and a there-there.


My sister and her kids are coming to stay with us while Mike is gone.  My blogging might be a little scarce but I’ll take lots of pictures of the fun times the cousins will be having.  I can’t wait!  My sister cooks!

Also, for those playing at home, that means we’ll be taking another homeschool break.  Didn’t we just get started two weeks ago?  I planned this well, didn’t I?  Max is not complaining.  I just look like the coolest teacher ever.  Maybe that’s my plan!


I’ll probably miss Tiny Talk Tuesday so I’ll go ahead and share this funny story with you.

I made a countdown thingy to put up on the refrigerator so Max would know exactly how many more days until Daddy returns.  We’ll start pulling off the top paper on Wednesday, the day after Mike leaves on his trip so I started with Eleven Days.


When Max saw this on the fridge he asked me, “What’s pause days?”


“Pause.  I see Pause.”  Then he pointed to the countdown thingy.

It took me a second to realize it looked like the pause button on the TV remote.


4 thoughts on “Gone for 12 Days

  1. No fun when hubby is gone but you can do it. I did it for 18 days in May. No fun but I always seem to be a stronger mom AND somehow fall more madly in love with my man when we reunite!

  2. I’m sorry Mike will be gone for so long, but what an exciting opportunity for him and the mission group. How fun to have your sister stay with you–and the whole cooking thing is a big plus.

    You are the smartest & coolest homeschooling teacher EVAH. 🙂

    Love the pause chart–clever & funny.

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