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The Difference Between Girls and Boys

For the past few mornings, at precisely five minutes after nine, I sing a little chorus to Mini.  It goes something like this:

Shopping we shall go, shopping we shall go, Plenty-a cracker in my bag, shopping we shall go!

We’ve been to all the usual places I go on any given week, but since Max was at VBS all morning, it seemed like Mini and I had ourselves some special girl time.  No one was saying, “mom! can we go now?  are we going to live here or what?”  And that {sigh} was nice.

Mini was good, so good, as long as I had apple slices and a few hundred Club crackers in a Ziploc she could hold.  I love it when they can hold their own Ziplocs.  Love it.

Don’t love, incidentally, that she refused to eat any half-crackers, though.  Only the big, unbroken ones.  Hey listen, a cracker is a cracker and I’m the kind of mom that thinks it’s wise to teach these lessons early.  Pout.  Okay, Mommy will eat that one.

Such a Club cracker diva she is.

The past three days have been productive for me and so much fun for Max.  He loves VBS and all the loud music and funny skits.  Gotta love that he seems interested in the Bible stories, too, and comes home and tells me bits and pieces.  They’re learning about Moses and yesterday each group acted out one of the plagues God sent as a warning to the evil Pharaoh, who stood on stage.

Max accepted with full gusto his role as a pesky gnat.  But his idea of a pesky flying insect was more like a loud crashing human helicopter.  The guy who played the part of Pharaoh probably will think twice about signing up again.

So, Max had his idea of fun while Mini and I had ours.  After shopping each day, we’d come home, hang out and play quietly by ourselves for a while, complete with a tea party in the kitchen.

A fun time was had by all.


IMG_7391Are there any Club crackers in here?  Only broken ones?

IMG_7380What kind of tea party is this?  I’m out of here.


6 thoughts on “The Difference Between Girls and Boys

  1. I so, so love that description of Max as a gnat! Awesome!

    (It’s a shame Jim wasn’t Pharoah.)

    That Mini is just too cute too!

  2. Jen, Max runs around me like a CRAZED gnat every Sunday! I hate when I miss a Sunday! If they ever need a replacment Pharoah, I’m in.

  3. So glad you got to have a shopping buddy who didn’t complain…I need one of those!! Not likely to happen in the male household I live in though!

  4. That max is a mess lol. Glad to hear he is loving vbs. And for mini she is exactly what a little girl should be. DIVA in every sense of the word!

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