Five for Friday

1.  Swim team is nearly over.  One more meet to go, one more week of getting up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning.  Happy Dance.

2.  Thanks for all your great comments about Disney World.  Found out that you can get in a park for free on your birthday this year.  How cool is it that we’ll be down there on MY BIRTHDAY? Super cool, that’s what.

3.  We’re still deciding on whether or not to tell Max before we go.  I think surprising him on the morning of the trip would be a great memory for him but I’m not sure I can keep it a secret.  Would you be able to do it?

4.  We’ve had a good first week of homeschooling.  Now it’s time for a break!  LOL  I signed up Max for another week of VBS and my sister and family will be visiting after that.  Oh well, I did say I like the gradual approach.  Thanks for visiting his blog this week (and some of you even subscribed to the feed!)  We’ve had a lot of fun with it so far and he definitely feels he has a fan club.  He started out tonight’s post with “hi folks…”  That kid cracks me up!

5.   Have you ever read this book?


It’s full of interesting tid-bits and pictures of items you’d find on the grocery store shelf.  With big arrows that say which ones are healthier and which ones may seem so but oh no no, they ain’t.  It’s a small book that you can carry with you to the store and I like the way it’s organized.  Sincerely Anna gives it a thumbs up.  Now, I just need to resist putting those high-sugar, high-fat items in my cart.  I mean, it’s not rocket science but I seem to play dumb anyway.

WELL, on that note.  Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. oh man he is going to freak! I vote to keep it a secret until you get to the park. I would love to see his face!Hope you guys have a safe and fun trip.

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