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Dear Mini,

If it was possible to fold up your cuteness right now at 17 months, I’d carry it in my pocket every day for the rest of my life.  How in the world did I get to be so blessed to have two adorable kids – both who were/are super cute, lively, animated, funny, entertaining toddlers – I have no idea.  We are enjoying you so much and love seeing you change and grow into your very own personality.  It’s so exciting to discover new things about you almost on a daily basis.

Right now you are into snuggling, which I’ve missed since you took to the whole crawling and walking thing, so I’m eating it up with a spoon.  When you’re in my arms you “tell” me what’s on your mind.  You often point to your brother so it must be something about him.  Or Bunny.  You talk about Bunny a lot.

Let’s take a minute to catch everyone up on Bunny.  They don’t know about the drama surrounding Bunny as of late.

Nana bought your first Bunny before you were born when she was shopping one day with friends.  How soft that little Carter’s bunny was!  Everyone who felt it knew it would be a special lovey because it was so incredibly soft.

Right after we got off the big airplane to welcome you home you were introduced to Bunny.  She was with you in many of your early photos.

Picture 010

Sometime between then and the time you turned a year old, we knew Bunny was a keeper.  She went with you everywhere, you cried if she wasn’t in the crib with you at naptime, and I’d peek in your room and find that you fell asleep on top of her.

You rubbed her ears, put her over your head, then dropped her a million times on the ground when we were out.  We picked her up a million times, put her in the laundry to get cleaned up, and prayed she would never get lost.

Nana ordered two more Bunnies just to be on the safe side.

Long story short, Mommy lost one Bunny while she had a broken foot and the world was dark and gloomy and another one when we were running errands the day before a family vacation.

Mommy frantically googled and searched but came up short in finding the original Bunny and a few of her clones.  I found a different version of Bunny on Amazon and (ahem) hoped it would be close enough.  I ordered three of them.  I wasn’t sure where Nana bought them and I was shy about asking (since hello, I lost the two she ordered!) (plus, it was probably at midnight and I couldn’t wait until morning to call) (that’s how impatient I am).

I soon confessed to Nana and we laughed.  Then she snuck into her computer room and ordered two more.  Then the next week one of her friends, who loves and adores Mini but has only met her once, found one in South Carolina when she was on vacation and brought her home in her suitcase.

So now we have seven Bunnies.  Three that are like the original.  One waiting to be picked up at Nana’s.  And three similar but not the same, with a little “decoration,” as Max calls them.

I tried to keep it a secret that we had so many, but you are smart and figured out that THERE ARE LOTS OF BUNNIES in our house!  And that makes you very, very, very happy.




Oh yeah, I also bought a Winnie the Pooh lovey who served an important role during our trip to New Mexico.

Bunny is so much apart of your toddlerhood – probably will be for a looong time, too – that I can’t imagine who you would be without her by your side.  You take her


This picture, too, sums up well your toddlerhood.  Always on the go (except for that occasional snuggle that I love so much) and now you are running, not just walking!  I love putting that little stick-up pig tail on top of your head because watching it bobble around is so much fun!

Also, my little girlie, you have done something recently that makes me get all mushy inside.  You have become quite attached to this little stuffed animal, too.  I wish I could say it was Mommy’s stuffed animal when I was a little girl like you, but I was in college when I got her (ducking head in shame…pun intended heehee)



I only have one Suzy’s Zoo doll, though, so let’s just keep her at home, okay?

P.S.  Here are the words you can say now:

Daddy, Mommy, cow, ball, cookie, caa-caa (cracker), ha ha ha! (hot), brrr (cold), yeah, chee (tree), Pops, Nana, doggie, baby, toy, puppy, Bappy (pacifier), car, kwkkkk (your Brother – you make this duck sound and I have no idea how to spell it, but you say it like it’s his real name!  We all laugh so you keep doing it, of course), Gah (we say, who made Mini? You say GAH!), uh-oh, ank-you (Thank you), chee (Cheese!), bee, and a whole bunch of animal sounds, too.  We’re having lots of fun.

And…all this new vocabulary means you are squealing and screaming so much less, for which I, and all those in the state of Maryland, thank you.

I love you so much, my sweet girl.

P.S.  Here’s the link to where Nana bought your second, third, fourth, and fifth Bunny.  I should put it here for my records. Plus, I should send them a thank you note.


5 thoughts on “Dear Mini,

  1. That is one smart company for continuing to market past year models KNOWING that moms will be looking in a panic! 🙂

    Your Mini is so cute. I cannot believe she is 17 months already! And how awesome for you that she is in a bit of a snuggle phase!

  2. what a little gem! She’s just more and more beautiful all of the time!

    And I love the bunnies. (you should have known, when the first one entered your home. I hear bunnies multiply like that. 🙂 )

  3. Love it all – the words, the bunnies, the very cute toddler legs, lil suze, but most of all I love that she is yours and you love her so much!

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