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A Boost

He’s getting bigger, taller, more mature.  He’s staying up later, reading himself to sleep, and writing his own wish list for his birthday which is in exactly 68 days.  He wants to be a big kid, ride with Dad in his truck, and assert his independence from the back seat of Mommy’s minivan any chance he can get.

When we drive separately to a friend’s house because we were coming from different places, we always transfer his booster seat so he can go home with Dad.  It’s a state requirement for any child 8 and under to use it and we only have one.  So either Mike or I grab the seat and make the switch from the van to the truck.

The other day Mike was still inside and Max was waiting for him to unlock the door of the truck.  As I was putting things in the van he said, “Go ahead, Mom.  I can wait by myself.  See you at home.  Bye.”

He seemed so grown up.  But of course I couldn’t just leave him.  He’s still my baby and I’m still his mommy and leaving him on a curb to wait 5 minutes is too significant of a milestone for this ordinary day in July.  So I got in the front seat and thought about how fast the years are flying and how the next thing I’ll know 10 years will have passed and he’ll be driving home by himself.

Nooo, where did the years go?  How do I possibly stop time from going this fast?  I want to press pause and enjoy the everyday moments I have with him while he’s 6 years old.  6 years old has been awesome. I love this age; he hugs me dozens of times every day and wants to have conversations about Bionicles and Lego Power Miners.

Then I got a grip and with a sigh of relief, I looked in the mirror and saw him walking away carrying his booster seat.  We still have some time.

Car Seat


One thought on “A Boost

  1. Enjoy every minute of it….the day will come sooner than you want when he WILL drive off by himself and you’ll probably cry! I know I did!! and of course I took a picture to remember that day, in case I ever forget!

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