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What an Arm


I’m fascinated with watching Mini play with dolls.  She has just begun to hug them and kiss them lightly on the head and cradle them in her tiny toddler arms.  She doesn’t have a play stroller but she improvises and pushes them around the house in a little blue chair.  She stops, walks around the chair to gently touch, move, or give them their bottle.  I watch in amazement over how God gave her this inborn desire to nurture.



I’m equally fascinated with watching Mini show natural athleticism and coordination at such a young age.  Since I am the very definition of Not Athletic and Not Coordinated, I am in awe over how she goes after a bouncing ball and not watch it go by (like someone I know).  She loves any kind of ball and can pick one up, aim, and throw it clear across the room.

I’m proud that my girl is developing both of these traits and it’s fun to watch and see where her main interests will be in childhood: dolls or sports.  For right now, it amuses me to see the two go together.  Baby Doll, on the other hand, wishes she would only work on her pitching arm with a ball.


Okay, me too.  But it’s still kinda funny.


4 thoughts on “What an Arm

  1. LOL- She’s so cute and if I lived closer I’d buy that baby girl a stroller for those dolls 😉 Bought my niece one at a consignment sale for about $2 .. Looks like she’s quite innovative. Hugs

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