Six Degrees of July 3rd

Today I picked up a copy of People Magazine, with Chace Crawford on its cover.  Chace is the new Kevin Bacon in the re-make of Footloose.  Kevin Bacon played Jack Swigert in Apollo 13.  I saw Apollo 13 exactly 14 years ago today.  My friend, Mike, sat next to me at the theatre.  365 days later Mike sat next to me on a grassy field* in front of a fireworks show and asked me to marry him.

I love July 3rd.

*bonus: that field is now inhabited by a lovely Chick-fil-A.


4 thoughts on “Six Degrees of July 3rd

  1. Scott and I saw Apollo 13 on one of our early dates too.

    If they are making a sequel of Footloose then I feel terribly old. Not sure if ANYONE can replace Kevin Bacon either dancing or beating up his steering wheel in frustration.

    Happy proposal-versary! 🙂

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