There’s No Crying in Swimming

Last night Max swam two races in his first meet for the Mini Team (6 and under) and received a 1st place ribbon for a 25 meter kickboard race

Max Mini Swim Team

Max was in the middle lane competing against two girls (super fast competitive girls, of course!)  Watching the Mini Team’s races are comedies in slow motion.  I love how they look at each other the whole time. Max pulled out early on for the clear lead but then he started looking back at his competition.  Uh-huh, he got a little cocky.  Then he’d look over to Mike and me with this huge goofy grin on his face knowing he was going to take this race home and build a Lego set out of it.  But lo and behold, Super Fast Girl #1 closed in and the crowd went wild.  America loves to cheer for the underdog.  However, my boy kicked it into gear and won the race.

He got out of the pool.  Eventually.  And we enjoyed the moment of seeing Max beam with pride and self confidence about his accomplishment.

Then the 25 meter Freestyle Race happened.

5th place.

The reaction was epic.  You would have thought he was bleeding out and needed medical attention.  But it was only a brief, highly public, flashback to the terrible two’s.

The ride home was one big teachable moment.  We talked about what really matters in a competition, how to be a good sport when you win or lose, and then we used our favorite family word: do-over.

The next meet is on Saturday morning.  I’m approaching it with a measure of fear and trembling.  25 meters to be exact.


7 thoughts on “There’s No Crying in Swimming

  1. Way to go Max!!!

    Love the title of this post. It’s Joe’s favorite line for every sport the girls have ever participated in or even been interested in!!!

    In fact, his sister sent him one of those talking Father’s Day Cards that had that quote from the movie. Funny stuff!!!

  2. I distinctly remember hearing this line being yelled at me from my Dad from the stands on EVERY sport I EVER played! lol

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