Father’s Day

Our Father’s Day weekend festivities began with a phone call.  It was Mike calling from his cell phone asking me if I just tried to reach him.  No, that’s weird; it wasn’t me.

It didn’t take but a second to realize that Mini must have hit the redial button on our phone.  Apparently she really wanted to talk to him because, from this end, they had enough of a conversation that I had time to get the camera to take a picture.  
Mini on the phone with Daddy

She was very excited about Father’s Day.

A few hours later we packed our bags and headed north to West Virginia to have dinner with my dad and Barbara, then headed farther up the road to spend the night at Pops and Nana’s.  

I didn’t take one single picture of us at dinner (ugh!) nor did I act fast enough to take out the camera when Max was presenting his Father’s Day presents.  He decorated plates for Dad, Grandad, and Pops with magic marker.  His creations were definitely thoughtful – for Mike he drew a scary monster, for Grandad a train (some passengers were aliens with four eyes and two mouths), and for Pops he drew a haunted house.  All made with love.

When we got to Pops and Nana’s house, no one was home.  Now how do you like that?  I’m just kidding, we knew they would be a dinner party.  We walked in and Max was excited to see a new Bionicle (latest obsession) on the counter waiting for him.  

Max Bionicle

The next day we grilled steaks (I use the term “we” loosely), and relaxed all day enjoying each other’s company.  We had the BEST homemade peach ice-cream, too.  Mini was in heaven over the ice-cream.  (As we all were, it tasted like the inside of a creamcicle and I could’ve eaten all 2 gallons without any shame.  That’s exactly how I picture it to be like in heaven.)

Mini was so funny eating the ice-cream.  She took her first bite while she was walking around so it was “on the go” but as soon it hit her taste buds she stopped in her tracks and came back for more.  Then she’d open her mouth real wide like this.   

Ice cream1

Want.  Want.  Want more ice-cream.

ice cream2

Seriously!  Look how wide she is holding her mouth open!  This is not a usual occurrence when I feed her.  This girl looooves her ice-cream.

ice cream3

Ohhh.  So goood.

ice cream4

I had to get some video coverage of this.  It was so funny!

Today we are back home (and having homemade peach ice-cream withdrawals) and wrapping up a great Father’s Day weekend.  We picked-up Outback for lunch and Max informed us that his Sunday School teacher said he needed a special outing today.  I suggested that they go see Up at the movies and before I turned around they were out the door.  Then tonight we watched The Express after the kids went to bed.  Great movies and a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. That’s too funny!! At least you’ll always know that you have a fun partner to go eat ice cream with!! Sounds like a great weekend for all!

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