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Tonight we attended the Kindergarten Graduation ceremony for Max’s homeschool group.  I can hardly believe it.

Hardly believe he’s this big?  Nah.  I can hardly believe he stood still and gave me The Mom Photo.

I will cherish it always.  Hee hee.

Of course, I do love the others too.  




Max was definitely in a goofy mood all evening.  When his name was called, he picked up his feet and waved his arms in an exaggerated march to receive his diploma.  As you can see from the picture below, he got the reaction he was hoping for.  


It was a great evening for all of us as we celebrated with grandparents, friends, fresh picked strawberries, and cake.  Then later we brought the party to our house to show off the floors plus allow Max to indulge in his first ever banana split. That seemed fitting for this momentous occasion.  He should come down from the sugar high sometime after midnight.

Grad6 family



Happy Graduation Day, Kiddo!  We’re so proud of you.


7 thoughts on “Graduate

  1. Congratulations, Max. YOU ROCK!!!

    Graduations make parents proud no matter what grade it is.

    Congratulations to you too, Anna. It was a major accomplishment for you as well.

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