At the End of the Day

I’ve been out of sync in the evenings, which is when I typically blog.  Sometimes I wonder to myself when on earth did I ever have time to do this?  How did I have words at the end of the day?  How did I not fall asleep as soon as I started typing?

Because, yo.  I’m tired.  Coming home from vacation there’s always the re-entry period.  We didn’t really find our routine again until early this week but that’s when Max’s swim practices began.  He’s on the mini swim team this summer with his best buddy, A., and his girlfriend and future wife, G. (A.’s twin sister).  It’s fun to watch; the three of them in the pool together with not a lot of space in between them.  Max is set to copy everything A. does right now at the same time as trying to impress his lady.  He makes me laugh.

I’ve also been shopping.  Like every day.  Shopping is fun.  Home decorating, they say, is fun.  But neither one is anything to write home about when you have a six year old boy and a one-year old girl with you.  I’m much too slow at making decisions and never pack enough crackers.

So, while I’ve been shopping, everyday, it hasn’t been productive.  I did return a rug and bought a different one elsewhere but that’s about it.  I feel uninspired at this time to keep going because I don’t think it’s the right season in life to do so.  I bought pillows for the couch but they’re way more useful as flying saucers than they are as ”pops’ of color to (kinda) update the space.

Come to think of it, the couch cushions never stay-put either.


I think we’ll wait on re-decorating.  I have other things to do with my days.


5 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Okay Anna … the last sentence of this post stopped me in my tracks. At first it made my face burn, and then the tears came because there have been many times in my life that I should have put the breaks on but didn’t. And then … the smile came because I realized that it is never too late to slow things down and despite the fact that there is much to do, too much to do, that is exactly what I am going to do!

    We just gutted our kitchen and breakfast nook, and the putting it back together has been grueling. I feel as though I should be enjoying this season more. We waited for six years to make these improvements, and who wouldn’t enjoy a new kitchen and office, especially after wanting it, waiting for it, for so long, –but don’t seem to be. You hit the nail on the head. I think I’m going to let thinks take a natural course to settle this summer. The walls will get sanded and painted and the dishes .w.i.l.l. get put away.

    I’ve got a precious sixteen year old boy who still likes hanging with his mom and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, because like you, I have other things to do with my days. Good things, wonderful things … things that can’t wait!

    THANK YOU for the sweet reminder…


  2. I hear ya. I go in spurts, but decorating has DEFINITELY taken a backseat in recent years. As for having something to say, that comes and goes too. 🙂 Never stops me from saying stuff, but sometimes there is more to say than others. 😉

  3. “I’m much too slow at making decisions and never pack enough crackers.” LOL! I can totally relate. But yes, enjoy your summer. You are now more mobile and the home decorating can take it’s sweet time 🙂

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