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New Mexico and New Floors in Maryland

new mexico1

My grandmother passed away nearly 7 years ago and the last time I was in New Mexico was for her funeral.  It was just a week before Max was born.  Mike and I talked every year about taking a trip out West to see my grandpa but one excuse after another kept us home.  7 years is way too long between visits.

Way too long.

But.  We had a wonderful time catching up and visiting the place in the mountains that holds so many special memories from the past.  I love the mountains.  

There is something so incredibly peaceful about sitting on the porch during a Spring rain shower then watching the hummingbirds zip around when the warm sun reappears.

new mexico2

Much to our delight, lots of family were able to come in for the long weekend.  My brother and his family drove 10 hours from Dallas in addition to two sets of aunts and uncles (plus my cousin and his bride) came from other parts of Texas.  It was a mini-reunion and we had so much fun!  My only regret is that I didn’t take enough pictures of everyone – the grown-ups anyway.  I took lots of pictures of the cute cousins.


new mexico3

Max and Hudson are 18 months apart and Mini and Hope are 10 months apart.  Too bad we don’t live closer – they had such a great time together. 

We spent a lot of time just talking and being entertained by the kids.  It was really funny watching them play with Grandpa’s golden retriever, Prince.  Chaos at every turn!

new mexico4

In this picture Max and Hudson are getting ready to run a race, Hope is dancing all around the dog so much that her pants are falling down, and Mini is nervously watching Prince’s every move while she says “wooooo.”

She wasn’t too sure about Prince at first.

new mexico5

It took a few days to warm up to him.

new mexico 6

Unfortunately, around the time she started petting him she also started sneezing.  We already suspect that she is allergic to dogs (their saliva) but it’s not a problem when she’s around them a little bit.  However, towards the end of the trip she showed more signs of allergy and on the last day she broke out in hives on her face after sucking on a pacifier that I neglected to wash after picking up from the floor.

Oh, let’s not talk about that.  My heart is breaking enough over the allergy not to mention my laziness that caused her discomfort and the fact that I let her pet a dog thinking it was all right.  I got a whopping of a payback, though.   Found out Benadryl keeps her wide awake no matter how tired she is.  

Loads of fun on the 4-hour plane trip home.

Okay, this post is long enough.  I’ll wrap up quickly but I have to tell you that we came home to new floors! 





We decided on oak with a natural pre-finish.  Here’s another picture that shows the color much lighter from a different angle.


It’s amazing how different those two pictures appear.  Anyway, we’re very pleased and I’ve been out shopping for a new rug, pillows, a throw, and coffee table.  I’m also mulling over paint options. I’m sure I’ll be back to beg for your honest opinion on what I should do with the living room walls.  


Here’s what it looks like so far in the process.  The coffee table hasn’t been purchased yet but maybe tomorrow.  I found one I like that is a contrasting dark, distressed wood with a heavy plank top (listen to me!) Here’s the one that I’m thinking about.  It’s from The Great Indoors.

00861579000Well.  As you can see, it’s been an eventful week.  


10 thoughts on “New Mexico and New Floors in Maryland

  1. So glad your vacation went well. Aren’t cousins the best?

    Floors do look great! I’m sure it was s nice to have them done while you were gone.

    Dog allergy!! That is a bummer.

  2. Welcome home! To a home with gorgeous new floors that is! Wow–they look wonderful. Oh, yesterday we added a little more life to ours. Turns out tap shoes can do a lot of scratches in a surprisingly short period of time–so when Mini is older remember that. 🙂

    So glad you had a lengthy visit with your grandpa and other family. He’s so cute–and looks thrilled to be surrounded by his family. Is he the one with the FAB green thumb you posted about before?

    I bet Max and Mini had so much fun playing with thir cousins! Yuck about those allergies–and that Benedryl has the opposite effect on her.

  3. I am so glad you had a good visit to NM. It is a beautiful time of year. And your hardwood floors look beautiful! You will LOVE them. How fun to not have to be there during the process!

  4. Love the new floors! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the beautiful mountains but especially that you had quality time with your grandpa and family!!

  5. Oh, I don’t have time to read it all…but I am so excited to see those floors! They look GORgeous! 🙂

    How did all of the other work you were getting done while you were away go?

    Bedtime for me!

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