Saturday Outing: Colonial Farm

A little birdie told us that one of our Jr. Highers was going to be dressed up in a hand-stitched colonial costume at an 18th Century Market Fair on Saturday and had to stay in character while working the Corn Husk Doll booth.  That meant only one thing.  We had to drive down to Virginia and attempt to mess with her to see if she’d break.


She did.  And I will tell you that I ran a victory lap around the farm knowing that she couldn’t stand up to the hysterical antics of her youth pastor and his zany wife.  But if I did tell you that, I will be lying.  Apparently, they are allowed to break character.

Well, now.  There was no point in trying to make her laugh or tell her we think her cell phone is ringing and catch her trying to reach for it and screaming out AH-HA!  That would have been funny, no?  But no bother.  We walked right up to her booth and she said, “oh hi guys!” like it was 2009 or something.

Oh well, we did have a great time as a family and it’s always fun to see a student in a place that is out of the normal youth-group setting.  I can’t think of a place more out of normal than this. At least on our typical Saturdays.

Max was obviously uncomfortable in this setting but he kept saying he liked it.  It was a lot to take in.  The wooden toy gun we bought for him loosened him a bit but overall he was keeping his distance from the costumed artists and didn’t want to participate in too many things.  Not himself, for sure.

Like most boys he was drawn over to the booth that displayed all kinds of weaponry, though.  That was pretty cool but he took a big step back when the shopkeeper demonstrated how Colonials loaded their guns.


The man picked up on his nervousness and we didn’t stay long.

Mini, however, was having the time of her life.


Give that girl some outdoors and a cracker and she’s good to go.

Just in case you’re wondering, you won’t find the same glee in Max if you suggest that he paint a fan.  He’ll do it.  He’ll even hold it up and force a smile for the camera.


But there was something about that place that didn’t suit Max.  I missed his soul, man.

That is, until we walked down the trail a ways toward the farm animals.  We finally saw a little more of his personality come out.



I love that turkey.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Outing: Colonial Farm

  1. I love outings like this, living histories and reenactments are so fun. Seeing one of your teen girls in colonial regalia must have been surreal.

    That’s interesting about Max, I wonder why he felt uncomfortable, because y’all just did that other field trip and he seemed to really enjoy that. Thank goodness for those turkeys! 🙂

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