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I’m Having Fun With My Mac

Mini's Headphones

I took a photo this morning of Mini playing with our old headphones.  She found them in Max’s sock basket underneath the coffee table.  Have no idea why they were in the sock basket but speaking of sock baskets, BEST idea I’ve ever read from Works For Me Wednesdays.  It was Shannon’s idea, too.  Keeping the socks near the front door has been a huge time-saver in our house.

Anyway, this post has nothing to do with socks in a basket.  I wanted to show you this picture and what I did to it in iPhoto.  I’m such a newbie to any kind of re-touching or whatever software.  So, I’m having fun figuring out the basics.

Mini headphones black white

Doesn’t that look cool?  I wonder if it would look good in a frame. I see it in Mike’s office, don’t you?  Then by the time Mini and all her friends are old enough to be in high school they can say, “like, what are those things she is holding?” and Mike and I will feel very, very old.

Now, for some more fun.  You’re going to laugh at me.  But I edited a little video of Mini singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat (well, sort of) because Pops has been teaching her to do this and he’ll get such a kick out of it.  I’m such a dork and added my flavor to it – goofy background music and a random ending that makes me giggle.  It’s another late night for me so I’m giggling pretty easily.  But I know you’ll think she’s super cute here so enjoy…



9 thoughts on “I’m Having Fun With My Mac

  1. *sigh*. we bought a mac some years ago. (4, maybe) and i LOVED it, until I didn’t. One day, it went buggy and it never got better. We traded it to friends for a PC and low and behold I miss it. (please don’t tell my husband. he’d KILL ME!)

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