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New Light Fixtures




new light fixtures

I like them and they have totally inspired me in the direction of thinking about other (affordable) updates to the kitchen.  I love the brightness in the room but am tired of the blah white walls and there’s wallpaper over in the other section (not pictured) that is past its decades.  Also, I’d love to find a cuter storage hutch thing (all my cookbooks, homeschooling supplies, and board games are awesomely stored in there.)  

Next on the to-do list: a new heat pump will be installed this month and then we’re ripping out the carpet formerly known as beige and putting in new flooring in the living room and in the basement.  We go back and forth about Pergo vs. hardwood but one of these days we’ll make a decision.  We want hardwood in the living room but I like having Mini’s toys here on the main level.  Do you think toys and hardwood can peacefully co-exist? 

Then there’s the other thing.  While I’m most excited just to get rid of the old carpet and whatever nastiness is underneath that gives me nightmares, I want to pick out the right color of flooring.  There are so many choices, it is unreal!  Should we get a finish that matches our bannisters (a dark oak) or should we go lighter?  How light?  I have no idea about such things.  

Living room carpeted

It took 10 years for us to change the kitchen light fixtures.  I hope we make up our minds and get started on the flooring sooner than that!  This is supposed to be fun, right?


11 thoughts on “New Light Fixtures

  1. The thing you have to remember with hardwood and other solid surface floors. Your kids will scratch them. You have to accept this before you spend a few grand on them. My then four year old had a pair of cowboy boots with metal at the toes and within the first two days of having our floors refinished he went crawling around the floor leaving scratches in his wake. They look great. We have 65 cases of bamboo flooring in the garage right now that will get installed eventually but after the last experience I feel a little more ready to accept that they will not stay perfect.

    Oh and I love the new lights!

  2. I have hardwood throughout my house and they have held up really well despite my 15 month-old daughter, 6 year old black lab and 14 year old yellow lab. We’ve been in our house 5 years and I am really impressed with the floors. For our family room, I got some cheap throw rugs at TJ Maxx which make the floor a little nicer to sit and play on. I spend alot of time sitting on the floor with my little one as I’m sure that you do too. I definitely think that hardwood is worth the extra money.

  3. We have had hardwood in our kithchen and family room for 9 years. I love it! We have five kids and a 95 pound dog and it has held up pretty well. Yes, there are scratches but it adds to the character;) There are many different hardwoods you can get. I recommend a HARD wood. Some types are much softer than others and will scratch more easily. As far as color, I will tell you that the lighter colors don’t show the scratches or dirt as much as the darker colors. Good luck. I know it’s a big decision!

  4. Our home is 95% hardwood. People say it looks really nice, but I don’t know what it looked like when it was first redone. You’ll want rugs for some comfort (although we haven’t gotten around to doing that yet). Also, socks and jeans got holes in them much faster this year (our hardwood is the type with gaps and grooves, not the smooth all around).

  5. I likey the new light fixtures!

    I say yes to hardwood and children (we throw in a dog and 2 cats too). They are durable and easy to clean, but can be scratched–but that’s part of living and a home, right? If you keep your walls light you might want to go darker with your floors to ground everything (ha).

  6. Love the new lights. That’s on our to-do list for this week.. hhm, we’ll see. We installed Pergo a couple years ago and LOVE IT! I have a big rug in the living room where the kiddos play and a few smaller throw rugs. I think hardwood scratches alot easier but I’m not sure. Our floor has taken many beatings and looks almost brand new. Not to mention people always tell me it’s so clean – HA HA – if they only knew how often I mopped! 🙂

  7. Those lights look great – I can just picture them there! Yay for you!

    We have hardwood – a lot of it, and we were just talking about how much we love, love, love it last night. Here’s the thing: it will get dented and scratched and not forever be perfect. You call it character and move on! Really, after a while, you learn that a little matching stain on a rag and or some wood filler will cover a multitude of sins!

    A couple words of wisdom (aka unsolicited advice): Do invest in a few packages of felt pads for the feet of your furniture! 🙂 We have them on the bottom of all of our chairs and the legs of our tables. On the couch and the other family room chairs, we have little rubber pads that keep the furniture from scooting all over the room but also from scratching the floor. And finally, if you plan to use any area rugs, be sure to put the non-skid thingies underneath. Max will LOVE surfing on the floor…but some of your visitors might not! 🙂

  8. Gorgeous lights! I know first hand how exciting updating the kitchen is. One great idea leads to another.

    Do it yourself home improvements are a true test of the marriage vows!!!! 🙂

  9. I like! I like! 🙂 Yes, this is supposed to be fun Anna! lol. Hopefully you will make up your minds sooner rather than later. I don’t have any knowledge of hardwood floors + toys so I can’t offer any helpful advice. =\ But I’m sure you’ll pick something nice (especially if those light fixtures are an indication of your taste!)

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