Field Trip: 18th Century Manor

Today we toured the Rose Hill Manor Children’s Museum in historic Frederick, Maryland.  Rose Hill was owned by Thomas Johnson, Maryland’s first governor and pal of George Washington. He gave the land to his daughter the night before she got married. How’s that for a wedding present?

We haven’t studied the Revolutionary War period and about the only thing Max knows from that history era is that George Washington is the guy on his money. I thought he knew he was our first president but learned yesterday that he thought GW was the president before Obama.

So, during the drive I crammed a little history into his brain (homeschooling at its best, right?  Hey, I had a captive student back there) and when we arrived he was eager to see the old house.

The old “haunted” house.

What?  I didn’t say anything at all about it being haunted.

Well, whatever, he was totally engaged and loved the place.  The city of Frederick has done a great job in making it child-friendly with hands-on activities in just about every room.  The tour lasted more than an hour but it went by really fast and we learned quite a bit. 

Didn’t see any ghosts, though.


Max wanted to look handsome for the field trip.  Guess what he wore?


He has his own style doesn’t he? That’s my boy!


I adore him.  We really had a great time today.


Mini was here, too, and I walked around a lot with her to keep her from squealing too loud.  She loved this particular room, though, because she spotted the stuffed animal sheep.  She kept saying “baaaa.”  Very cute.



Max was self-controlled during the tour and you can see here that by the end he just had to let out his silliness.  LOL – it was time. Max, God wired you this way and I love it. Be yourself!




And even though learning about history is pretty cool, gaining the confidence to be yourself is one of the most important things I can teach you in our classroom.

Whatever, and wherever, that may be.


6 thoughts on “Field Trip: 18th Century Manor

  1. You are so, so right, my friend. I think that is something that you terrific at; you always encourage Max, and you understand his needs so well! Great job, Mama!

  2. I have a friend who lived in Frederick years ago and spent a week there with her. 🙂 Sad we missed this little history treasure, love stuff like that!!

    I love love love what Max wore, way to be yourself kiddo!!

  3. OH, the tie. I just love his personality!!!!!!! Have I mentioned how Little Miss is NOT allowed to ever meet him? Those two would run the world…………..with much laughter!!

  4. Love Max and his tie!

    I bet the field trip was a blast! It sounds perfect for children with all the hands on things and living historians to demonstrate/explain/

    Definitely visit Mt.Vernon when an opportunity arises, they’ve made tons of improvements to make it more interactive, hands-on and children friendly. I wish we could have stayed there longer–and I’d like to see it in the Spring when the gardens & farm are in full swing.

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