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The Bittersweet Ending

I’m closing the book on The Foot Saga ’08-’09.  At least I hope so.

I saw Dr. Handsome today and he looked at my last x-ray taken a week ago.  He said, and I quote, “You look beautiful. And your xrays do too.”  I know, I completely fell for the oldest line in the physicians’ book but, oh sweet friends, I still blushed!

Anyway, my foot is HEALED!  No fracture line.  No pain.  I’ve been cleared for any and all physical activity and exercise.




No more excuse?



Thank you again for all your support, prayers, and comments during the broken foot days.  Seriously, it was a hard time and I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through it without this lovely laptop and all of you who live somewhere inside of it.  I reluctantly wrote but you responded and encouraged me in the long winter days, especially when Mike was out of town for youth ministry events.  God blessed me so much through it all.  I don’t want to forget how He turned my negative-thinking from way down in the pit and set my feet back up on solid ground. 

Just today, in fact, I read someone’s testimony in The Fold’s (a ministry close to our hearts that reaches out to troubled teens) newsletter and he summed it up perfectly: “…God allows things that I perceive as negative not to happen to me but rather for me (Rom. 8:28)”

He allowed an inconvenient injury for good reasons and I AM THANKFUL.  I’ll share some of those with you very soon.


5 thoughts on “The Bittersweet Ending

  1. I am SO glad your foot is better! Praise the Lord!! Hopefully it will stay that way.. and you will stay away from any other injuries!

  2. Yay! So glad for you…and laughing about the whole “no excuse” thing…and the Dr. Handsome thing. Does your husband read this blog?

  3. Hooray for the end of the Foot Woes ’09! I’m so happy you are fully healed and able to wear cute shoes (both are important, you know). I’m sure it was beyond frustrating to make progress and then have setbacks and continued pain.

    Can’t wait to hear more of your insight from the foot saga…

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