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First Haircut


The question of when to take Mini to get her first haircut was, par for the course, overthought to the nth degree.  Should I or shouldn’t I?  Grow out the bangs or not?  Opinions were asked, shared, and weighed.  The jury deliberated.  Bows were constantly pulled out, hair always in the eyes.

No, growing out the bangs was not turning out to be an option for my lack of patience.   But OH! I didn’t want to pay good money for a haircut for a one year old!  After two home trims and one request to Max’s barber to even it out (she literally took the scissors and made ONE cut then rang it up for SEVEN dollars!) I was ready for a Yellow Balloon professional to take over. 

And here we are. 


Does Mini look like a just a 14-month-old to you?  Seeing her in that cape makes me want to plea with her to stop getting bigger.  Just STOP IT.

But notice the graham cracker in her hand.  Now that is a picture that freezes time for me.  That is how I see her every single day at this age!

She was very concerned sitting there in the chair but sat perfectly still until the stylist (yes) put in a VHS of the Wiggles.  Then she started squirming and crying for me to rescue her.  {do you blame her?}  So I held her while she got her haircut and wasn’t able to take anymore pictures. 

Until afterwards.



She’s got this modeling thing down, doesn’t she?   Her hair is still wet here but I think it looks really cute.  I especially love the back.  I couldn’t have done this myself and it was totally worth the $18 in my opinion.  Well, plus tip and that cute hair clippie I couldn’t resist; more like $28.  OH ALRIGHT, it was more like $37 if you add the Chipotle burrito, guac, and chips that I treated myself to afterwards.

MAN!  Raising little girls can be so expensive!

Here she is about a week later at Max’s school (where he goes for speech therapy) and at the park.











Don’t you love her tongue sticking out – she cracks me up!


12 thoughts on “First Haircut

  1. Awww. What a pretty girl. 🙂 Very nice on the posing! I’ll teach her some new ones when I come out… great photo opp! 😉 haha

    P.S. I must commend (sp??) you on the outfits! Ralph Lauren… SOMEONE knows her fashion! 😉

  2. Sooo cute. I love how you added the burrito to the cost!
    I haven’t cut my daughter’s hair yet. It was still too short by her first birthday, so by the time it was barrette time, she actually did OK. I love it so much that I don’t think I could cut it.

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