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O Come Blessed Saturday

I tucked Max into bed tonight and started our popcorn-style prayers as usual.  I said “Thank you God for all the things we learned today.”

Homeschooling Mom! I Rock!

Max said, “Thank you God for finally a DAY OFF!”

Okay, he likes to take a break on the weekends.  Got it.

Walking away now.  See you on Monday.


2 thoughts on “O Come Blessed Saturday

  1. Fridays have been our library storytime and co-op days, so I rarely do any formal teaching with him those days. So for my oldest, it is a no school day. Anyway, my younger son was wide awake in the middle of the night because he had just recovered from a cold and had slept most of the day before. Then a thunder storm comes through, so I tell him he can come to our room and I went and slept on his bed. I am awoken to “Today is Friday” said over and over again by my oldest.

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