Works for Me: How Many Spuds Does it Take to Remove a Light Bulb?


Who knows,  maybe this will help you someday.

Mini (our toddler) likes to clear all surfaces in the house of their belongings.  It’s just what she does, she’s very good at it.  We have a table that happens to have a lamp on it.  Go figure.  One day she was clearing tabletops and the lamp fell to the floor and the light bulb shattered.  My 6 year old yells MOM!  I was downstairs taking clothes out of the dryer.

Of course.

I ran upstairs as fast as I could and saw that no one was hurt and I told everyone to REMAIN CALM BECAUSE THERE WAS BROKEN GLASS ON THE FLOOR and I noticed a piece of glass in Mini’s hair and, not following my own order,  I screamed.  I’m so cool in a crisis.

After whisking her up to her crib to safety, I cleaned up the area.  I surveyed the lamp and there was no damage except I noticed that the bottom part of the light bulb (the screw cap, thanks google) was still stuck in the lamp thingy (didn’t bother).  I couldn’t get to it.

What to do?

Everything I tried (which wasn’t much since Mike was coming home soon) didn’t work.  I was afraid that I’d be throwing this favorite lamp away.  Boo.

But, oh yeah baby, here comes my husband.  He looks at the lamp, goes into silent controlled Engineer mode and gets me to hand him a potato (I don’t ask questions), slices it in half, and then in a split second removes the screw cap.


I was impressed.

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6 thoughts on “Works for Me: How Many Spuds Does it Take to Remove a Light Bulb?

  1. Oh, yeah, I keep my cool too 😉

    By they way, have you given Mini a dusting cloth? Sounds like a good match to me.

    You know those roomba vacuums? My boys could have easily replaced those 🙂

  2. Cool!! My closet light broke off months ago and so we’ve been using flashlights in our closet forever!! I’m gonna try it as soon as I can get a flashlight, ladder and potato in there at the same time!!
    Great tip…thanks for sharing!!!

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