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I Can’t Stop Them From Growing

Max felt like a big kid leading the annual Palm Sunday march through the auditorium this morning.  When did he get this big?


While we’re on the subject, why is Mini refusing to stay a baby?


How can so much change from one Easter to the next?





Blink Blink Blink.  Is she already old enough to ask us for one of these?


7 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Them From Growing

  1. Anna- Are those your feet in the background in the picture of Mini in the stroller? If so, yay for two cute shoes!

  2. AHHH she will before you know it! They keep getting those at a younger age these days! lol. 🙂 Your kids are absolutely precious!

  3. I have comments for the 4 pics of Mini in her stroller!

    1.”Oh yes… everyone watch my talent… THIS is how you pose people!”

    2. “He’s so cute huh!?”

    3. “Maybe if I act like I’m interested in this thing it’ll take less attention off Max’s awkward smile!”

    4. “Mommy, can I please please have one of these!? I’m the ONLY 13 month old without one! I promise I’ll take care of it!”

    lol 😀

  4. Wow, when you put the Easter pics together you can really see their growth. Max looks taller and all around a little older, Mini is quite toddleresque. Sweet, but maybe bittersweet too? 🙂

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