Field Trip: Kennedy Center

Living so close to the District has many perks that we often take for granted.  There’s so much to do around here; the possibilities for homeschoolers to learn “off-campus” are astounding.

And free!  Or, at the very least, dirt cheap.


For five bucks, we went to a performance at the Kennedy Center this week.  It was geared for kids (K-2) and was so much fun. 


(I couldn’t crop out this teacher of the cutest private school children you’ve ever seen in red sweaters, ties, and mary janes.  Her surprised expression makes me laugh!)

A five-member group of The National Symphony Orchestra gave an interective performance of Got Rhythm?  There was a lot of clapping, foot tapping, and seat bouncing.  (Mostly because the light-weighted kindergarteners couldn’t keep the theatre seat bottoms down!)


Only six kids from our large homeschooling co-op made the field trip but it was plenty for us (my friend and I) to handle.  After all, five of the six were active boys!


Visiting the terrace of the Kennedy Center to run off some energy was a smart move on our part.

By the way, that’s the Watergate Hotel in the background.

It was a dreary overcast day in the Nation’s Capital but up on the terrace we were able to see a preview of the Cherry Blossoms which are now at their Peak.


DC Trivia Question: Name this new memorial.  Not the Lincoln Memorial, silly.  Keep scrolling down.  It’s an awful photo but the kids were so fascinated by it.  I had to look it up (sorry, Pops!)



10 thoughts on “Field Trip: Kennedy Center

  1. Yay for the Kennedy Center! My mom-in-law has performed there numerous times! I don’t think she was doing anything there this week though 🙂 Looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. I won’t even attempt to guess what it is! But I’m glad you guys had a fabulous field trip! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend Anna!

  3. Ah yes I know – the memorial for my beloved ?????. And now I am comforted to know that my two daughters and my grandson know what it is.

  4. It is only fitting the the best branch of the Armed Forces has one of the most impressive and eye catching monuments in DC. Great quiz Anna, though I am a little partial to this one! ;0)

  5. Hurray for your cultural field trip! Glad it went well and was right up their alley. Looking at your photos brings back my MCM memories.

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