100 Gs

Imagine me head bopping.  It feels good to get to 100,000 – thanks for the clicking that you did so that I can now go to bed and sleep in peace.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything important.

So, yeah.  Two years of blogging!  Want to humor me some more tonight?  Let’s take a walk down Memory Lane for a mile or two.


I remember the day Max (4) got his first bike with training wheels and ran into the parked car in front of our house.  A car that didn’t belong to us, of course.  When I came running to check the damage he said, “don’t worry! I’m not dead!”

I recall one time he paid me a compliment while I was doing housework.  He said I was a great “fold clotheser” and it made me laugh.


I love thinking back to the time I made an impulse purchase at the orchard and bought two blueberry bushes and thought I’d try my hand at harvesting fruit.  *shaking head*


I remember the fun little notecards I made for the Dog Days of Summer 2007 giveaway.










2007?  That seems like so long ago.

2007 was one of the hardest years of my life and all the ups and downs (which is what made it so dang hard) were written here on this blog.

It was a year that shaped me into someone who is more easily hurt but more willing to take the risk.  Yes, it was a very tough year.

Of course, with four days to spare in the year 2007 God completely surprised us with the news that we were going to adopt Mini.  Therefore, 2007 ended pretty well!  We got the big call from John and Anna and I’ll never forget that day as long as I live.  That’s in here too.

There was no greater joy than to share about God’s plan for us to wait for Mini.  Her story is a big part of my personal testimony.  His timing is absolutely perfect.  And beautiful. 



8 thoughts on “100 Gs

  1. Yay for you.

    Yeah the waiting and letting go all becomes part of the story huh? I look back and say “ohhhh, that was the plan” hm, why didn’t I see that. The pastor this morning was talking about God never being surprised. Really it was about the economic “crisis” and how it has deeper roots than the economy. Anyway…. It made me think about our almost 10 year journey and the fact that I’m due to give birth to a baby 10 days before our 10th anniversary. As shocked, surprised and crazy as it seems to us on this journey, God wasn’t the least big shocked & surprised. It wasn’t a wow, look at that… moment for him. He knows, he’s got the play book.

    1. I took them back to the orchard for a refund. I was hoping that if Mike saw them sitting in their pots in the backyard he would enthusiastically grab a shovel and get to work planting them. Didn’t happen that way, though.

  2. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! You have definitely made the blogosphere a better place to visit. I always enjoy your posts, no matter the topic because of your down-to-earthness (if that’s a word), honesty and of course, humor. 🙂

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