To Get a Pal You Need to be a Pal

This was the moral of one of Max’s simple reading books titled Tick Tock Gets A Pal (Hooked on Phonics – love these little readers).  The story was about a dinosaur named Tick Tock who was so sad that he couldn’t find a pal to play with.  He asked the dog to be his pal.  Nope, too busy.  Then he tried asking the cat.  Rejected.  Of course.

The fox looked like a nice guy but he was awfully busy at the moment.  He had to mop something up for his mom.  It was a huge puddle in the grass which MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL but it’s a beginning reader, what do you do?

Well, Tick Tock knew what to do.  He took care of mopping up the puddle with his big huge dinosaur tail making the sounds ZIP! and ZAP!  Now that puddle was all dried up, the two pals could now play.

It was a great little story about friendship ending with the line “To get a pal you need to be a pal.”

I thought that was a good thing to write down on a piece of construction paper and ask Max to draw a picture of how he can be a pal to someone.  He said he was going to draw a picture of his pal, Alex.



Some of my lessons go right over his head.


5 thoughts on “To Get a Pal You Need to be a Pal

  1. LOL. I’m glad I’m not the only mom that feels like my lessons go way over my son’s head sometimes! 🙂 Max is so precious!

  2. He is such a breath of fresh air!!! Although, since I work at the DA’s Office and I love him so much, I hope he doesn’t have too many friends that run from the police!!!

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