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Scattered March Memories In No Particular Order

A day with Nana at the circus was the tops.


St. Patrick’s Day inspired us to try a science experiment to see if we could dye white carnations green.  It didn’t work but a vase full of green water on the table all week was cool to some.


I was so excited to meet Becky’s beautiful baby girl for the first time when they came to visit early on in the month.


(below is a picture of Becky and me from last June, just a few days before we found out she was expecting her first baby!)


Becky and I used to work at our church together and I’ve never had a co-worker that was so much fun.  Now she lives in Virginia but can you make her come back?  Because I want Mini to have play dates with Avery.  Becky, you should move back right now.  Avery, do you agree?


I’ll take that as a yes.

Speaking of church (this is something Max says all the time – when we’re not really speaking of something specific but it was mentioned sometime previously in the last forty minutes)


Max found this gem in his closet one day.  A real sports coat that was handed down to him recently.  He was excited to dress up for church.   Mom and Dad were wearing jeans, of course, but he proudly wore a suit.


Max still wears a tie on any given day.  In fact, the day he went to the circus he wore a yellow tie with that rugby shirt pictured in the first photo.   He dripped some cherry snow cone on it, which made him a little sad.  I just threw it in the wash and hoped for the best.  The stain actually came out.

Speaking of coming clean, Max is – ahem – telling Daddy what he learned that day in Sunday School.  Each week there are many life lessons offered 🙂


The biggest one, of course, is this.


This little gal is learning a lot too.  She’s grown so much (still just a peanut at 18 pounds) and is doing new things on a daily basis.  First, she loves to eat.




She is full of personality and likes to play games


She has a quiet but intense side to her.  Especially when she looks at books.  If she realizes that her Bunny isn’t next to her, she’ll go looking for her then come back to the book.


She walks everywhere with Bunny


And since March has had so many nice Spring days so far, she’s been on the move outside.


Also, in March, our youth group went to a big awesome conference and it was Mike’s first as the OHficial youth pastor.  I love pics like this one.


And, yep, this one too.



9 thoughts on “Scattered March Memories In No Particular Order

  1. It gets my vote as a great month! I love the youth group photo. We have a few of those from our days with high schoolers and I know what you mean- i love them too!

  2. Cute pics. How did you try to dye the carnations? I’ve done it at preschool with white daisies before. Put them in water and add a few drops of food coloring to the water, they soak it up and turn green. Was that the plan? Try daisies if so!! It takes a few days, but it works!! 🙂 They don’t turn “bright/dark” green mind you, but they do get a green tint to ’em. We take pics of ’em each day to document the change.

    1. The instructions said either daisies or carnations would work. We didn’t see any change after 7 days, though, and about half the water had been absorbed/evaporated. I wonder what went wrong in our experiment. I’ll try daisies next time, thanks for the input!

  3. Looks like fun! Little Man loves to wear his suit (from my brother’s wedding) to church too. Momma in her jeans, Little Man in his 3 piece banker suit makes quite a picture! 🙂

    That Mini is so cute!

  4. Congrats to Mike on his first official conference as a youth pastor! 🙂 As always the kids look great! And that last picture is so adorable!!

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