Better, I Think

Thank you for your comments the other day.  My eye is much, much better and everyday I notice improvement.   I followed-up with the doctor yesterday and apparently the contact lens irritated things a bit.  My eyelid was still inflamed and droopy and the scratch was, well, PAINFUL when the lens was removed.  Tears were streaming out of my eye.  My doctor held up the mirror and asked me if I always looked like this.

I had to laugh.  I had to.  I said no, I don’t always look this way.


Today I’m looking a little better.

Unfortunately, not feeling so great.  I caught Max’s stomach virus right on the heels of this eye thing and I spent most of the day hunched over porcelain.

So, let’s re-cap.

Broken foot and a limp.  Droopy eyelid.  Hunched over.

And still sensitive to light.

So, again.

Broken foot and a limp. Droopy eyelid.  Hunched over.  Squinty.

On the surface, Mike has enjoyed this.

But he’s really hoping I get better quickly.

P.S.  Max asked me right before I went to the doctor if they were going to take OUT MY EYE.  I said no, baby. Mommy’s just getting some medicine.  He walked away very disappointed.



6 thoughts on “Better, I Think

  1. Oh Anna: I’m so sorry… I’ll be praying that your eye will heal quickly, completely and without any long term damage.

    If it helps, my sixteen year old son told me that my hair looked pretty today, and thinking that I may have actually achieved a good hair day miracle I said, “Thank you, son.” To which he quickly replied, “Yeah. You look just like my favorite muppet! Do you know which one I mean?”

    Mothering … it’s not for wimps!

    “For this child I prayed…”
    ox, Destiny

  2. Oh man! I hope the worst has passed and you are on your way to full vision, mobility and health! Your sense of humor through all of this is refreshing.


    ps- Your kids are adorable. I have 2 boys but think I need my own “Mini”. Too cute!

    1. Thanks, Liana. I could’ve easily pictured myself as a mom to all boys, but having a girl is sooo much fun!

  3. hahahha. Oh Max! He’s hilarious! Oh the not so funny side–I hope everything heals up soon. I’m still praying!

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