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Mommy Goes to the ER Again

The other day I took Max to his swim lesson.  I had terrible allergies, sneezing my head off all day, and if it wasn’t his last lesson for this session, I would have stayed home. 

During the lesson the parents aren’t allowed to be on the pool deck so we all go upstiars to an observation area.  Sneezing and wiping my nose, while limping on a still-aching broken foot and attempting to wheel Mini in a straight line in her stroller, we head for the elevator.

For the first time in three weeks of lessons there is an empty chair right in front of the glass.  Yes!

So I park Mini’s stroller, make sure I have a stash of Kleenex for both of us (she’s at the tail end of a cold) and put her on my lap.  We play, we bounce, we sing, we say hi to Max.  We get out books and toys, Cheerios, sweet potato puffs, juice.  Every trick I have in the diaper bag is used to contain her in the area in  front of my chair.  Every trick is used up in the first 5 minutes.

Then she gets antsy.  I give her my keys to play with.  As I take a split second break to take out another much-needed Kleenex, she makes a bee line to the electrical outlet with my key.  Thank God I saw her and I had some measure of reflex to re-direct her.  It was truly a close call.

I make small talk with another mom but I’m not really in the mood for conversation since I’m all alllergied up at the moment.  My nose is bright red and inflamed three times its regular size.  Not exactly a great social moment for me.

Then it happens.  Another split-second chance is taken as Mini pokes me in the eye.  Unfortunately I had no measure of reflex for this one and she made it through to my eyeball with her fingernail.  I feel pain like you’d never believe.  I think she scratched my cornea.

A visit to the ER confirmed that and evidently the scratch is pretty big.  They gave me some eye drops to numb the area and immediately I felt better, but it only lasted 20 minutes at the most.  I was in so much discomfort that after I was discharged I begged like an addict for more drops.  Unfortunately they werent’ allowed to send me home with those magic drops but they did give me some other good drugs.

So, basically I spent the entire weekend asleep in the dark.  How was your weekend?

Amazingly, God designed our eyes to heal super fast.  The cells in the eye repair faster than any other part of our body I’ve been told.  On Friday I followed up with an opthamologist.  He gave me a clear protective contact lens to wear until Monday and antibiotic eye drops to fight infection.  

I’m still uncomfortable but nothing like I felt that first 18 hours.  I’m glad to be back on the computer (wearing cool shades and squinting but not in any pain). 

Motherhood is never dull.


14 thoughts on “Mommy Goes to the ER Again

  1. Oh my gosh Anna! I have to agree with you 100%. I had a scratched cornea last year, and I have never felt pain like that before. I was sure I was dying a slow, painful death. I can’t say I was lucky enough to get pain meds though. And yes, it does seem cruel when they let you experience the drops, but won’t let you have any once you leave. I’m glad it’s feeling better.

  2. You are now, officially, the coolest person I know, LOL. Not for breaking your foot or scratching a cornea but for blogging about it all so that I don’t feel like such a dork for clunking my head on the corner of the overhead cabinet for the zillionth time. Despite having lived in this house for several years and knowing that said corner of cabinet is located in the very same spot every day (who’d have thought? LOL), I still manage to do it, much to the mirth of my husband who is considering putting silicone corner guards up. I mean seriously – who has to put a children’s safety guard on an overhead cabinet? LOL.

    Anna, I salute you 😛

  3. Mercy, thank heavens for fast healing. Reminds me of the time when my then 18 month old son head bunted me and I laid on the couch for the next day with a concussion. Good times.

  4. It’s amazing that we are the ones that usually get hurt because of the antics of our children…hope the eye heals quickly. Not to mention your foot!

    And I’m prayin’ there are no more ER visits in your future!

  5. Ahhh the joys of motherhood! My son broke my nose when he was just over a year old (he managed to swing his head in excitement as he sat on my lap and “pop” there went my nose. I immediately handed him over to my mom (she was sitting next to me) and I got up and started crying from the pain and then he started crying–it’s like he knew that he had hurt me. lol. Ahhh, so now my nose is slightly crooked.) Battle scars I tell you! 🙂 I’m glad you’re feeling better already!

  6. Oh my gosh Anna I can’t believe that! I agree with MamaRazzi, you need workman’s comp. You could call it workmom’s comp. How about some paid vacation time too? Glad you survived the weekend. Will be praying you through the week.

  7. Oh, this makes me feel nauseus! When Joshua was a baby, he flailed his arm in my direction, and sliced my cornea with his razor-sharp little fingernail. I never knew such a small thing could cause such pain!!!

  8. Anna,

    I got your birthday wishes- thanks! I am sorry to hear about the scratch. Sounds painful. You have had your share of injuries lately. I pray for a quick recovery.



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