How Do You Like Me Now, Teacha?

Max is pretty much taking over the homeschool these days.  A learning lightbulb has turned on and I’m just a mere bystander at the moment.  We’re really proud of how he is learning how to read.

He’d still rather be read to, though, and I don’t picture him ever growing tired of it.  I usually read a little bit to him during the day (stuff like Magic Treehouse or Magic Schoolbus or, my favorite, Berenstain Bears) but Mike reads aloud at bedtime.  Right now they’re into the Hardy Boys.  It’s become a big guys-only(arrruhhhaaarll) time and I keep a healthy distance from all that testosterone.

I shelved our Handwriting book until further notice and took a step back and kept that decision on the down low, but wouldn’t you guess, Max has started writing in his free time.  The other day he left me a surprise love note on my computer that cheered “Go MOM Go” 

So this is what’s up, I see.  He wants to be the teacher.  Of course, I should’ve known!

This weekend there will be things called POSTS! and PICTURES!  and short and sweet updates of other fun M & M topics. 

Did someone say m&m’s? 

I gotta go.


6 thoughts on “How Do You Like Me Now, Teacha?

  1. Berenstain Bears are a hit with our family too. Given we live one block from the library, our trips would include picking out one or two books from their collection. Then I found 10-15 books at a yard sale! Now we are finding some of their readers, which is really fun for J, who is learning to read.

    And I’ve learned that sometimes shelving an activity for a while is helpful. I’m still trying to figure out what to do for Language Arts next year. Although reading has come pretty easy for J, the rest of the stuff can be tedious at times. I will also be adding another kindergartener (with a different learning style) next year too.

    1. Living so close to the library must be really fun. If they are as active as ours is with children’s activities, well, there’s your language arts stuff right there!

      We’re using Explode the Code for phonics. I love it because it has non-distracting b/w graphics and simple instructions like “x it” and he thinks the exercises are fun. We also intended to use Five in a Row this year but only completed two unit studies. I think FIAR has a wealth of language arts ideas (and even more on and they cover geography, science, etc. at the same time. Though we didn’t finish what I set out to do this year, on the bright side I don’t have to purchase new cirriculum for next year!

  2. Glad the blog is back! I know you’ve probably had other things to do like raise your kids and teach your kids and have an actual life, but still, glad the blog is back! I can’t even imagine what it is like to teach another person how to read. What an awesome experience it must be!

  3. Way to go Max!! Can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about what has been happening in your neck of the woods! 🙂

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