Broken Foot Saga '08-'09

While I Was Out

I’ve got my walkin’ groove on.  I’m able to do so much during the day and my foot feels pretty good.  Yay YAY YAYAAYAYAYAY.

By divine coincidence, Mini has her walkin’ groove on this week, too.  She and Max spent the weekend with Pops and Nana and they must have put her on the treadmill or something.  She is MOVING now!  I forgot so much about this stage of early toddlerhood.  She insists on walking and is so happy about it.  She picks up her short little legs like she’s wearing cowgirl boots and chaps while waving her arms like she’s on a tightrope.  It makes me giggle.  Tonight we walked all over the place while Max took his swim lesson.  Lots of people were giggling.

Swim lessons.  Oh my goodness, I forgot about those too.  I’ve never seen so many tired parents in one place.  I, being one of the most tired. 

It’s been a busy week but so good.  I ventured out to Target and the grocery store too.  Crazy how much I missed those places.  Both Max and Mini were beside themselves with joy over riding in the shopping cart, I’m not kidding.  That won’t last.

Yeah, I still put my 6 year old in the shopping cart.   By the time we got to the checkout he was so buried underneath apples, lemons, avocados, and Cadbury eggs I could hardly see his head.

Didn’t have time to blog at all.  Sorry – be back sometime in the near future with some pics and stories about all the mobile forces in our house – me AND the kids.  Wahoo for mobility!


8 thoughts on “While I Was Out

  1. Yeah! I’m so glad to hear that you are walking without pain! That’s awesome news… It has been my prayer request for you.

    I love the visual of the kids in the cart covered by my favorites: lemons, avocados and cadbury eggs!

    Enjoy your new freedom!

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