Broken Foot Saga '08-'09

Missing the Blog

Any attempt I made to blog in the last couple of days failed miserably.  Computer problems and other interrptions kept me far, far away.  Netflix and Mike’s free schedule in the evening are to blame, too.   But it’s been so nice to just sit down and relax with my man.

During the day I plowed through the Mt. Everest that is our laundry pile so Mike could have something clean to wear for this weekend’s youth ministry conference in Ohio.  I met some undesired challenges along the way, though.   I had to make about a hundred round-trips to pick up pacifiers and Mini’s Bunny that she threw out of her crib.  We’ve reached the age when she no longer feels a nap is necessary and thinks how much fun it would be to see Mommy open the door again and again.  Sigh.  What is she, a normal, typical one year old?

32 steps.  There are 32 steps from the laundry room to Mini’s room. 

With a broken foot.  In case you, like me, have not forgotten that.

I’m so, so, so tired of talking about my foot.  So tired of thinking about my foot.  Mike is so tired of hearing about my foot.  5 more days to go until my next doctor’s appointment.  It’s not healed, though.  It still hurts even after another week hopping around.  But I’m hanging in there much better than before.  That is because so many people are praying for me, which I greatly appreciate.

I’ll get back to blogging this weekend while Mike is out of town and Aunt Jen rescues me to take Max for a couple of days.  It will be nice to catch up and share pics on events like Mini’s birthday party, Max’s Valentine’s Day party, and Young Authors Day.

So come back this weekend, I’ll be here not doing laundry.

And maybe, without the pressing need to get something done, Mini will go back to her regular napping schedule.


One thought on “Missing the Blog

  1. We will be looking forward to a new blog Monday morning! It will now be known as Mini and Max Day instead of the dreaded Monday. Tyr to stay off that foot! We are praying for a speedy recovery!

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