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Write or Not, We’ll Get Through Kindergarten

Hi, I’m here.  Thanks for all the comments on the Anna (squared) post.  We had fun with that and I think you can tell that between the two of us, we could talk about Mini all night.  And wasn’t her letter such a gift?

Like you said, Mini is loved by a LOT of people and that is just plain awesome.  God has big plans for her and it makes me feel humbled to be a big part of that plan.  Same goes for Max.  I can’t say enough how blessed I am.

At night, just before I crawl (literally these days) into bed I stop by for a little visit to my kids’ rooms.  I can bring a marching band with me into Max’s room and he’d never come out of his sleep coma, but Mini wakes up at the faintest motion.  She doesn’t just stir either, she sits up and looks me square in the eye.  Scares me to death every time.

Usually, I duck right out of the room hoping she’d go back to sleep.  She usually does.  (oh, but sometimes I can’t help but pick her up and kiss her cute little chubby cheeks and rock her back to sleep.)  I take a moment to pray for her and for myself, too.  Then I go into Max’s room and kneel beside his bed and do the same thing (usually out loud because why not?)  I pray with my eyes open, stroking his darkening brown hair and thinking back to all the six plus years I’ve been his mommy, and I feel total awe that God chose me.  But also total dependence on His strength to not screw it up.  That last sentence was beautiful, wasn’t it?


The reason I haven’t blogged in a while is because homeschooling is busy right now.  Our group is hosting a cool thing on Friday called Young Author’s Day.  All the kids in K-5 write their own book, on any topic, to share with the other kids in their grade.

Max came up with the idea to write a cookbook titled Mmmmmm.  He whipped up some recipes in our kitchen like the popular Ants on a Log (celery, peanut butter, raisins), an original creation called Fruit Fracture (broken-up bits of pear, banana, and apple), and the uncommon kid-friendly Tomato Surprise (cherry tomatoes stuffed with cottage cheese and rainbow sprinkles on top – blech, gag, barf).  Of course, his Yummy Bananas and our house Lemonade are in there, too. Thank God there is no cheese stick soup.  Most of recipes came from Tasty Time with zeFronk from Playhouse Disney.


It has been a lot of work but Max was very enthusiastic to see this project through from beginning to end.  I didn’t require a lot of writing from him within the book (he wrote the title and his name, Table of Contents, and the name of each recipe underneath a photo of him making it).  I thought that was reasonable for kindergarten but it took like a thousand years all week to complete.  We had to take a lot of breaks for “hard work” so that he could sit still and have good posture and pencil grip.

He kept asking me, “why are you so frustrated?  why are you like a drill sargent?”

I’m not frustrated, honey.  Mommy’s  just reminding you to not to lie down on the table when you write.  NOW GET DOWN  ON THE FLOOR AND GIVE ME 2O PUSH-UPS!

Just kidding.  sort of.

But the book itself (brainstorming, planning, making the recipes, etc) was sheer fun.  I let him type some stuff on the computer and he loved that, too.  But the writing part, the handwriting part, was torture.

So this project has sent me back to the drawing board so to speak in an attempt to learn more ways and teaching techniques to help him in this area.  Without screwing him up.  God, give me your wisdom.

That’s my prayer tonight and every night.


4 thoughts on “Write or Not, We’ll Get Through Kindergarten

  1. OH, that child sounds like our boy! He is always reading cookbooks. YOu just gave me an idea! At ten, he still HATES to write (I know, encouraging) and we often have tears-he cries too at times. But he might go for a cookbook!
    Oh ! I have some ideas about writing at that age! Let me know if you want my thoughts. The main thing at his age is to just have him label pictures he draws and/or he dictates and you write under the picture. Of course at six, my son’s drawings were very undrawlike ( Yep, I made up that word). Wonder where my son gets it?!?! !

  2. I can totally relate to your frustration with the writing! I’m glad Max finally got the book done even if it took all week! lol. Please share your wisdom when you find a method or methods that work! 🙂 I’m still praying for you!

  3. Ok can I just say that Max is SOOO cute! Yum Yum! 🙂 Unlike the tomato thingys – before I read your post I was thinking “hhmm that looks like something zeFronk made one time”. Hee hee!

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