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A Whole Lot Of Weekend

I think we’ve just experienced an overload of life around here.  I mean, oh my goodness, this weekend was packed with good things.  Fun things!   For starters, Valentine’s Day (6 yr old on a sugar high! Blog hacked by husband!)

The weekend was so great.  Saturday night Mike and I went out to dinner with our close friends.  Dinner was delicious but the chocolate cake was even better.  And even though I had on my best stretch jeans I stopped myself from ordering the large dessert.


There wasn’t enough to share.

After our early dinner with friends, Mike and I went solo to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most romantic way we could think of.  We went back to his office at church.


I dropped him off and went to the grocery store while he finished up a term paper for school.

Are we a wild couple or what?

I know!

On Sunday afternoon we went up to Mike’s parents house for a certain little someone’s first birthday party.

That is a huge post waiting to be written and it will be coming soon.  Oh, there might be multiple posts about Mini turning one.  It will be very therapeutic for me.

Today Max’s homeschool group had a Valentine’s party.

Must post about that, no question about it.

I have work to do.

See you this week with lots of pictures and a little sharing.

Oh, twist my arm.  How can I not show you some of the pictures now?






9 thoughts on “A Whole Lot Of Weekend

  1. Silly thing: Everytime I see a pic that was taken at church (as I think that one is, though I guess I don’t really know that) I get this “I miss that place and those people” pang. 😦

    Can’t wait to hear all of the stories!

  2. Happy (belated) First Birthday Mini! It looks like she LOVED that cake! LOL. 🙂 And thank you for making me laugh with your “wild” night at the church office!!! hilarious!

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