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Pit or Pits, That is the Question

Thank you for your encouragement and thanks for your prayers about my pit situation.  Not my pits situation, as no one even came close to joking about in the comments (you did hear what Max said to me…how I smelled like the Jr. High room?)  Anyway, because you are so nice…and sensitive…you left that one alone. 

But me?  I’m laughing about it.  I asked him plenty of follow-up questions about this and, apparently, smelling like our church’s Jr. High room (which is in a public middle school) is “half good, half bad”

So I’m not that concerned because that’s a half compliment and I’ll gladly take it, but I’m not sure about the source…wasn’t he the boy who asked “what smell?” when we visited the rank Recycling Center not too long ago? 

Anywho.  I’m doing better.  Not to say I just climbed right out of that pit (I don’t think it would be honest to say it’s that easy) but God is getting me there.  Over the weekend I got a ton of rest and read three chapters of the book.  Also, as a cool bonus, Mike’s parents came by with Chick fil A while Mike took his mid-term (dude got a 98%) and they surprised me with an invitation to take off for a while if I wanted.  Um, okay.  Didn’t have to think twice about that.

I didn’t go far and I wasn’t gone long but it didn’t matter.  It was just good to be outside in the gorgeous unseasonable warm weather.  I was tempted to go into Target or Walmart and zoom around on one of the scooters but I opted for a visit to my favorite colorful (but overpriced) baby store, instead.  I bought a plush doll for Mini’s birthday that is so cute and I can’t wait for her to see it.  I wanted to let her sneak a peek today, in fact, because who would know?  I didn’t, though, but if I did?  C’mon, who would tell? 

Okay, I would.  I’m a bit of a share-er, if you didn’t know.  Thanks for letting me be the real me.

Pit (pits) and all.


7 thoughts on “Pit or Pits, That is the Question

  1. Aww Anna! This was such a sweet post! I loved it…and I totally wish that I was on my A-game and would have caught on to the other pits joke in the previous post! ha ha! You make me laugh!

  2. Remember that you’ve got Him on your side and he never gives us things that we can’t handle. Remember that Satan is angry because you and Mike are serving God even MORE in the ministry than before. He wants to get you discouraged! Don’t let him win! 🙂

  3. For the record, I held my response to the last post until the end of the day. But I did get it in before Anna wrote this one. I didnt want to seem insensitive while all the mushy stuff was being said. It was difficult to hold back my insensitivity, but I managed. I should’ve known Anna was waiting for the funny response. What better way to start your way out of a pit than laughter. Hey, I’m the only one who knew she wanted the laugh. MAYBE I AM SENSITIVE!! Ya right.

  4. Hey, if you can’t laugh about pits when you’re in a pit, then it’s just pitiful.
    Man. Let that sink in for a moment.

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