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Super Marketing


Online grocery shopping is perfectly justified. 

Since I broke my foot, I’ve ordered groceries three times with Peapod.  By the third time, I was in and out of my “aisles” in less than 15 minutes.  Well, no.  More like 15 minutes times four because four different times I came back to update the list with forgotten items before the deadline they gave me.  But that just sold me on the convenience of it.

The groceries were delivered to my kitchen the next day.  The produce is perfect, the price is affordable (a running total on the sidebar keeps me within budget), and the pressure cooker that is the entire grocery shopping experience with two small children is non-existent.

I do miss the store , however.  You know how I feel about colorful displays of marketing.  I know, I know; people are paid to design and build these so that people like me buy more than I need.  A football shaped bowl for Fritos?  I so need that!

Oh yeah, it’s Super Bowl week, man, and I’m missing those displays more than ever.  I bet there are some great ones right now at the store.  How are they?  Are they awesome?  

It’s easier to say no to impulse purchases from home (but don’t worry, those website marketers are thinking of all new ways to play psychology games with me).  No pop-ups (because everyone hates those) but there are suggestions with colorful pictures that are inserted within your list. 

That is why I’m making guac this week (for myself) and why I bought a big ol’ bag of tortilla chips to go with it.


One thought on “Super Marketing

  1. We had friends that used PeaPod when they lived downtown Chicago and they LOVED it! They recently moved out of the city and miss it sooo much. It is completely justified Anna! And it is simply, just really cool to do! 🙂

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