Tiny Talk Tuesday

Tiny Talk Tuesday and a Plea for Laughter


I have so much fun with this carnival that Mary hosts at Not Before 7.  Max (6) is such a funny boy, he’s always cracking me up.


These are some of the things he has said to me recently:

1.  He pronounced Wisconsin as “Unconscious”

“Is Unconscious in the United States?”

2.  When you answer his request with the phrase “in a little while” he will run to set the microwave timer for “a little while.”

A little while, according to his expertise, is exactly 9 minutes, 00 seconds.

3.  Max has one thousand fifty-five girlfriends.  Some are cartoons.

4.  One of those real girlfriends is Grace, who he is going to marry.  He told me that he is saving up for a diamond ring.

Max: “How much does a diamond ring cost?”

Me:  “Oh, at least $5,000” (sidenote: I found out Grace has much more expensive taste than I thought)

Max:  “Well, I’m going to buy her a ring from the grocery store.  It only costs a dollar.”

What are your kids (or nieces, nephews, neighbors, gnomes) saying this week?  Do tell and keep me laughing…please!  I’ve hit the 7 week mark with this broken foot and it still is such a pain.  I just survived 4 days of single parenting while Mike was on a youth ski trip and I’m going a little crazy here.

I’ve been in this boot way too long!


But at least it doesn’t take much to make me laugh these days!

(thanks to my friend Deb for the idea to customize my boot with scrapbooking letters)


8 thoughts on “Tiny Talk Tuesday and a Plea for Laughter

  1. Unconscious in America, that’s me lol. Sorry about the foot, I broke just my toe last year and what a pain that was. Can’t imagine the whole foot! Hope you are on the mend soon.

  2. I had a little guy at church who was about 6 when I was a teenager and worked with children all the time. He told me “he loved me”. He bought me a ring from a bubble gum machine once. Fast forward to the fact I married his uncle and now he is my nephew by marriage. Funny how life works. We joke about how we were engaged way before I met “Uncle Andy”.

    Funnies: Preschool gives me thousands.

    Kid at school when I told them I was going to have a baby: “You’re going to get really fat and then have a baby sister, that’s what happened at my house.”

    Kid at school when I wore my hair naturally curly just “crunchy curly”: “Did your momma not fix your hair today?”

    When retelling me the pledge individually: “to the flag of the United PLATES of America”

    The list goes on, I leave you with those today. 🙂 I love my job!!

  3. LOVE the boot! What a great idea!

    That is a GREAT shot of your son – he looks so grown up though…sigh…

    He cracks me up with the diamond ring talk – so funny!

    Hope you guys are having a good school year. I am heading to the CHAP conference in PA this year (May) for a little inspiration and a lot of shopping for first grade 🙂

  4. I’ll have to ask J (also 6) how many minutes he thinks “a little while” is. He’s always setting the timer too!

    As for funny talk, well… today was one of those days that I was so frazzled that I probably missed any funny remarks (but caught all the backtalk, sigh). But I’m glad I blog about the really funny ones (that I remember) because I just went back to read them and they made me laugh all over again. Most can be found here: http://nurturingnotes.blogspot.com/search/label/humor

  5. Thanks for the laugh!

    Just the other day, Bubba got off the bus with a giant thing made out of paper. I said, “What IS that?”

    She said, “A Vulture!”

    I was a little skeptical, ’cause it didn’t look at all like a vulture…but what do I know; I’m just the mom.

    Later, we were talking about the vulture, and I realized that I had mis-heard her. She said, “sculpture.” So now we have a sculpture at our house called, “Vulture.”

  6. I had to send my daughter (7) to her room after a a major tantrum (that I caused), She did a project on Rosa Parks at school and told me she wanted to write a letter to Mrs. Parks and invite her to come to her class. Well, being the know-at-all that I am I said “Oh honey, Rosa Parks passed away a few years back”. Well, that’s all it took.
    “MY TEACHER TOLD ME (tears)- ROSA PARKS IS ALIVE!!!” That’s right, I caused my child to cry and toss herself on the floor kicking and screaming over the death of Mrs. Rosa Parks. Who knew?

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