Not Just Your Trashy Field Trip

Guess where we went on a field trip last week?


Man.  If you could only get a whiff of that aroma!

Our homeschooling group toured a local recycling center and learned all about the 3 R’s of the 21st century: Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle.



This was our second homeschooling field trip that we’ve participated in and once again I was very impressed with the level of politeness that the kids have.  Even Max, who mid-presentation lied down in the middle of the floor to take a nap, got up when the speaker reminded him to sit up and listen.

Because these kids always make me laugh I listened carefully (in spite of my temptation to take a nap too – the guy could’ve used a little pep in his talk) to hear their comments and questions.

My favorites:

Presenter Man: Why do we recycle?

Kid #1: ooh, ooh, I raised my hand! Pick me!

PM: Yes, young man?

Kid #1:  Um, what was the question again?


PM:  You can recycle lots of things by putting them in this blue container.  Yes, young man.  Do you have a question?



PM: You can recycle your old phone books.

Kid #2: My mom threw our phone books in the trash!


PM: You can re-use plastic bags that you get at the grocery store.

Kid #3: We have those!  We keep those because…..well…..our car is very messy and my mom….(I missed the rest of what she said because I was sitting next to her mom and we were laughing too hard)

There’s a lot of tattling that goes on during field trips.

When we talked about the trip afterwards, Max said his favorite parts were watching the demonstration of the magnet that picks up metal and the fan that blows plastic off the conveyor belt that is for glass-only.  I was equally impressed about the machines but even more so about the people that can stand to work in that smell.

I asked Max what he thought of the smell.  He said, “what smell?”

Well, if becoming a detective doesn’t work out, maybe he has a future in Recycling.


6 thoughts on “Not Just Your Trashy Field Trip

  1. VERY cool field trip!What a great idea! I think Bean would loooove it. We are obsessed with the “trash man” and Oscar the Grouch right now…VERY cool!

  2. Oh Anna you crack me up! LOL. I love the kids responses!! I guess the employees either get used to the smell (possibly!?) or they have a bad sense of smell to begin with. 🙂

  3. Hey Anna! I feel like I haven’t talked to you in FOREVER! How is little Minnie? How’s Max? Give everyone a big kiss for me! 🙂

  4. You are tough–a field trip on crutches–wow!

    Seeing the plant and the process would’ve been neat, but the smell might have done me in. Their answers are so funny–and honest.

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