Little House to the White House

For several months we have watched Little  House on the Prairie with Max in the evenings.  I never watched the show growing up (one room schoolhouses didn’t draw me in like the Regal Beagle or Edna’s Edibles did) so this has been a whole new experience for me. 

Max is a big fan of Little House – first we borrowed the audio CDs from the library, then we added Season 1 of the TV show to our Netflix queue and all of us got hooked on it.  Here we are on Season 8 where Laura’s sweet childhood braids have matured into a teacher’s bun and they finally introduced little Jason Bateman’s character, James. 

It’s about time one of my 80’s sit-com friends arrived.

Surprisingly to me, since I didn’t really know much about the show, Little House covers some big issues other than growing and sewing.  Much of it goes right over Max’s head but when certain plot lines give way to discussion, we take the opportunity to talk about them.

For instance, last night we watched an episode where the new town doctor, a black surgeon from New Orleans, faced prejudice that almost cost the lives of a distressed mother in labor and her newborn because he wasn’t allowed to intervene.  The expectant father foolishly stood in the way because of his own ignorance. 

Of course, Pa stepped in and ordered the man to let the doctor examine his wife and it didn’t matter what the doctor’s skin color was.  The husband listened because everyone in Walnut Grove listens to Pa. 

Of course Pa decked the guy, too, but that’s neither here nor there.

The cool thing is, we discussed civil rights and prejudice last night outside of the quote unquote classroom.  Then this morning we talked about Martin Luther King, Jr, and the impact he made on our nation.  And all morning we talked about, watched, and read news coverage about the events happening tomorrow, just a few miles down the road from us.  Our country’s first inauguration of a black president. 

I want him to know what a big deal that is.




6 thoughts on “Little House to the White House

  1. If you’re already to Laura’s grown-up years on Little House, you may have already passed the specific episode I’m thinking of, but yes, they do in fact cover some heavy topics… in particular that I remember is M-U-C-H heavier than racial discrimination. You may want to screen future episodes before you watch them with Max! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love Little House on the Prairie! I had bought all the seasons on CD and now my daughter is enjoying them immensely. Yes, you’re right they deal with a lot of life lessons however, they are wonderful to use for discussion.

    I hope you enjoy the rest of the seasons!

    God Bless

  3. Edna’s Eddibles – oh! How I loved that show! Wonder if they have it on Netflix; it’s my turn to pick!!!

    Oh, and I just asked for LHOTP for Christmas; season 1 lives here now!

    I love that you had him do MLK for handwriting today – you are so good at this hs-ing gig!

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