Stories about Emmie

A Triple Threat

Well, we knew she could dance


And now we know she’s got her sights on being an American Idol



But did you know she’s a destined choreographer, too?  About a month ago we noticed that when she heard music she made her little shoulder go up and down to the beat.  It took me several tries but I finally got it on video at our friend’s house.  You’ve got to see this!

She’s still working on the “lean back” move.  We’ll get you that footage when it comes available.


10 thoughts on “A Triple Threat

  1. It’s late, so can’t write much! but I just loved reading and getting caught up! Made me miss you and wish I could meet that sweet Mini of yours…and come over to play maid or personal chef to your sorry self…oh, I mean while you are off your foot!


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