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Good News and Bad News

I went to a podiatrist today for a second opinion about my foot and he agreed with the orthopedist’s diagnoses and treatment.  So that was good news.

The bad news is what to do now. Since I’m still having pain and it’s been 5 weeks, I need to go back to non-weight-bearing mode.  That means crutches, the wheely chair in the kitchen, sliding down the stairs (oh the wedgies!), the worn knees, and the service bell that beckons the nanny, butler and maid.

Wait, did I dream that last part?  Yes, but the wedgies, on the other hand, are very real.

Plus it means I have to wear the boot 24/7, including at night.  Yay, I get to SLEEP in it!  Awesome.

Actually, Mike suggested that I sleep in the boot from the beginning and I may have called him all kinds of names for suggesting such a thing because that’s CRAZY and UNCOMFORTABLE.  But he was right.   Man, did I say that out loud?

I told the doctor that I’m waking up a few times at night in pain and it hurts worse in the morning.  He asked if I move around a lot at night and I sheepishly answered, “uh huh.”

Right now I bet Mike’s nodding his head.  Rolling his eyes.  Sighing deeply over the fact that because I move around so much and steal all the covers he wakes up daily shivering and falling over the edge of the bed.   And there’s no telling how many REM stage bruises I’ve left on him.

It’s just my way of saying I love you.

And, babe, you were right.  I should have listened to you.

Now, would you please let me go back to dreaming.


9 thoughts on “Good News and Bad News

  1. You should check to see if they have a wheely-boot. I don’t know if Max would think you were cool, but my Caleb sure would! That child has been begging me for a pair of wheely shoes for almost a year now. Dream on, my boy, dream on.

    Actually, I was just thinking back to your previous posts about not being the most coordinated, so perhaps that isn’t the best idea afterall… (I just got a visual of you with 2 boots…not good!)

  2. Yeah, wheels and I aren’t a match made in heaven. But I have seen a wheeled thing that you can rest your knee on from a standing position. That would be cool but I’m afraid Max would hijack it for joy rides around the house before I could make good use out of it.

  3. Oh no! If you move around that much at night, I can’t imagine that the boot is going to be good news for Mike – it may lead to more bruises! Praying that you are back up and about quickly!

  4. You might have to have separate beds for awhile (just so Mike doesn’t end up needing a boot… or a knee brace from all the kicking!)

    (BTW, hello! I’m a lurker, frequent reader and infrequent commenter on your blog!)

  5. don’t you hate it when they’re ALWAYS right?? Drives me batty! Sorry your still suffering with the foot. Take it easy and don’t be too hard on yourself. The schoolwork, housework, etc., etc., will eventually get done!

  6. Oh Anna! 😦 I hope the pain goes away soon and that your foot can be healed asap! Ahh those husbands are right SOMETIMES, huh? lol.

  7. Oh bummer Anna!!! Sleeping too…eek! At least you will be up and running by the time it gets nice enough to go outside!! This would have been even worse during the summer months!!

  8. Can I pipe in? I am laughing so much, I’m in tears. Anna you are the top of the cake when it comes to sharing a bed. As your older sister, I had (emphasis mine) to share one with you and it was never pleasant. You will probably have bed sores from not being able to rotate and toss like your normal routine. I do feel for you, but your story about Mike brought out compassion for him too. It would be a nightmare if you attempted to swing the boot to the other side of the bed…
    My friend has that scooter for the knee. It takes the weight off, but it helps to have a smooth surface. Can’t wait to hug your neck, sis!

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