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The First Sentence Is The Hardest

How many tries does it take for Anna to type a first sentence?

One: I’ve been feeling quite reflective lately…blah blah blah.

Two: There’s a lot on my mind….yadda yadda.

Three: Anyone want to skip the whole introductory paragraph thing and look at a list of what’s been on my mind?

Third time is a charm!

Guess who has writer’s block!

The List:

1.  I received a call from a sweet mom in Maryland who has been praying with her husband about open adoption and they are ready to go for it!  It was such a great joy to encourage her.

2.  Before the phone call I was feeling thankful for all the photos and things we have from Max’s birth family.  He had asked me to see his scrapbook today (out of the blue).

3.  I am going to set aside a weekend in January (while Mike is away on a ski trip – the bum!)  to work on Mini’s scrapbooks.  You know when you get the feeling that your head is going to explode with excitement?  I’m feeling sort of like that.

4.  This Christmas we were blessed with a stack of gift cards to restaurants.  How FUN IS THAT?  I actually get quite a thrill over looking at the stack each day.

5.  I’ve been stuck in the house for a. very. long. time.

6.  My foot still hurts.  I still take Advil everyday (which works.  Can’t handle the strong stuff that was originally prescribed.  Not unless Mike is up to having me sleep 20 hours a day and cry for the remaining four.

6b.  That would be a no.

7.  Mike has been a super dad these past four weeks.  But he asked me tonight to clarify what the doctor told me last week.  Was it 6-8 weeks or 6-8 more weeks?  Yes, more.  One little word packs a punch, doesn’t it?

8.  Did I tell you I’m back on crutches?  At least when I go to church or run a quick errand.  Ha! Did I say quick??  Ha!

8.  I’m going to a podiatrist on Monday for a second opinion about the boot.  Sigh.

9.  I’m as tired as you are about this subject.

10.  Okay, one more thing about the foot.  I can’t help it.  You want to know what’s NOT fun when you have a broken foot?  A baby who can make her way to an open fridge door in lightning speed.


Then won’t leave because she has just discovered the greatest toy box in the house.


Okay, I admit.  It’s a little fun for now.


5 thoughts on “The First Sentence Is The Hardest

  1. oh my goodness… mini is already raiding the fridge!!!! Wow!

    so sorry your foot situation is leaving your hubby so saddened. 😦 I hope it miraculously feels better! What a bum way to enter in the year.

  2. Oh no, a whole new world is now available to lil’ Mini! Pretty cute though.

    Sorry your foot is taking longer–and then a bit longer to heal. Yeah, “more” can be a strong word.

    Enjoy your stack of gift cards!

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