Hello, 2009

I am ringing in the New Year here at home with my little family, all by ourselves.  Earlier tonight we had french bread pizzas, watched Wall-E, and dipped perfect tasting strawberries in a bowl of microwaved chocolate fondue.

I miss the friends that we usually spend New Years Eve with, but I’m glad we decided to stay in tonight.  It was very special.

I found out today that I’ll have to wear this boot for 6-8 weeks since my fracture appears to be worse than originally shown on the first x-ray.  It’s still non-displaced but not by much. That bit of news was harsh, but I’m putting a smile on my face anyway.  Because it’s New Years and I have a lot to be thankful for about the past year and a lot to look forward to in the next one.

And that reminds me.

New Years Resolutions.  Or, in my case, Resolution.  No s.  Let’s keep the goal within reach by just having one.

My resolution for this year is:

Use an online calendar. Mike set this up for me tonight and we can sync up with each other’s calendar using iGoogle (aw, that’s so romantic).  Seriously, this will be a lifesaver for us being in ministry and all.  It will no doubt prevent a few marital spats sometime this year.  That’s always a good thing.

I can hear it now:  I’m a pastor’s wife and iGoogle saved my marriage in 2009.

Happy New Year, friends!


3 thoughts on “Hello, 2009

  1. I love our online calendars. When I got my iPhone, I got hooked. It runs on Outlook calendar, but there is a free program to sync outlook with google calendar, so my phone is synced to the computer calendars! life saver for Eric and I indeed!

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