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Christmas in the Country


How was your Christmas?  We are home from a wonderful visit down in Arkansas with Mike’s side of the family.  Max and Mini were loved on constantly and I got to sit in a recliner and eat Aunt Sharon’s chocolate cookies.

The crutches stayed home.  It was a risky decision but a good one.  Or so I think.  I’m able to walk as long as my foot is secured by the boot, but I’m still dealing with the pain.  Now that I’m home, I’m missing that recliner.  And the chocolate cookies.

Christmas!  Christmas was so fun.  Max spent most of the time playing Legos, watching the Disney Channel (we don’t get it at home), playing Wii (oh my gosh, you should see him box), building houses out of  Lincoln Logs, and having Encyclopedia Brown, Spider-Man comics, and Calvin & Hobbes books read to him.  Then he watched more Disney Channel.  When the TV monster manifested his body he was directed outdoors where he could run and bounce off the air instead of the walls.  Unfortunately a run-in with some fire ants brought him back inside sooner than expected.

Thanks to Pops, who sparked his imagination with scary stories, Max looked forward to walks at night where they could hunt for vampires among the cow pasture.  For a few seconds, anyway.   After all the built-up excitement and time spent getting ready for the hunt, they took two steps outside into the shadowy darkness and Max said, “I have an idea.  Why don’t we look for vampires tomorrow.”

City boy.

Mini had a big time during her First Christmas.  She was smitten with everyone’s attention and if I expected her to be taking her first steps while we were visiting family, I was mistaken.  I don’t think she actually spent much time on the floor.  She was held, cuddled, and carried the whole time.  She took short naps, tasted all kinds of delicious samples (orange sherbert! cheesecake!) and drank an extra bottle each day.  Sometimes at 4 a.m.  She was definitely on vacation.

Now that we’re home she’s adjusting back to her usual routine.  Although, to be honest, she’s still not sleeping very well.


(I couldn’t resist bringing her downstairs tonight to take this picture.  Bed head is hysterically funny to me.)

More pictures of Christmas to come later.  Happy New Year!


5 thoughts on “Christmas in the Country

  1. I love Mini’s mohawk. Mia has the same hair issues and I love it so much!!

    I’m glad you had a lovely Christmas with Mike’s family. And it sure sounds like Mini and Max enjoyed it, too!

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