My Best White Elephant Gift Yet


I’m guessing my orthodontist, who took this mold in 1992, probably doesn’t need me to keep this anymore.

One of the girls traded her can of Spam for it.  I’m touched.

Got to give credit to Jim for his hand modeling.


6 thoughts on “My Best White Elephant Gift Yet

  1. We went to a WE gift exchange last week and seriously saw some great gifts.

    We gave an old computer tower, seriously like 10+ yrs old.

    Others gave a live mouse wrapped up like everything else, a fake mouse but looked alive in a tin, an ammunition box and gag teeth with glasses and a bra and panty set all together. Another was a “meow” pictures frame with a picture of the giver in it, this totally made people laugh all night.

    They really were the best WE gifts ever.

  2. The best White Elephant gift I ever received was a fart CD. Yes, you guessed it, a whole CD of different sounds, lengths, and textures! After the girls laughed hysterically, it was neatly wrapped and re-white elephant gifted the next year!

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