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Here Comes Santa Clause

We made special arrangements with the North Pole and Santa is coming to our house early.  We know people.

I can’t wait to see Max’s face on Friday  morning.

This was his face last year.


Max asked for two things from Santa last year.  A pirate ship and a DVD. That’s all he wanted, he said.  Okay.  Great!


Santa brought him a few additional items, including a new scooter and Spider-man Operation.


The extra gifts really confused him, though.  We had to convince him that they were there for him.

The memory just makes me laugh.

Because this year is so different!  I mean, he practically memorized the Lego Christmas catalog and told me model and serial numbers when we wrote Santa’s letter.

Man, I miss those days of two things on the list.  We’ll never get those back, will we?

How big is your list this year?  I’m getting new light fixtures for the kitchen but Santa notified me that I’ll need to pick those up from Home Depot on my own dime.

We obviously don’t know everyone at the North Pole.


5 thoughts on “Here Comes Santa Clause

  1. BJ’s list last year was short, but included gifts for all of us too. This year, he wants a microscope and a police gun! We had planned to get him a bike, so I’m sure he’ll be confused on Christmas morning too!

    That Santa is a meanie making you pickup and pay for your own presents. You should have Max ask him for you 😉

  2. That is so funny!! I love it!!! Friday huh?! Awesome 😉

    Santa visits us both, we’ll see what happens next year when a kiddo (or kiddos) are involved. He visits hubby the night before at the living room tree & me the morning of at the dining room tree. 🙂 He also leaves me a letter, it’s hilarious and usually makes me laugh until I cry. He has been patiently waiting on Ms. Claus to give him money so he can shop this year…. 🙂

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