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10 Months

Oh my word, did I really just type 10 months?

Mini turns 10 months old today, I can’t believe it.   The photo shoot with the sign might not happen this month, friends.  But I did take this photo last week:


I’m a bit more detailed in this post than I usually am, but if you make it to the end, there’s more pictures to see.  I’ve been slacking in showing off my Mini pics this month, it seems.

She is doing all kinds of fun and exciting things right now, like:

*cruising around furniture

*swaying back and forth to music (from the first measure of a song, which is so cute)

*walking with help, pushing all kinds of things around.  Including my rolley chair!

*giggling (the belly laughs come once or twice a day, but she is such a giggler at times!)

*sneaking into the diaper bag and pulling out the Cheerios container

*climbing up stairs

*climbing into the dishwasher

*dropping things onto the floor – See Mommy pick it up.  Again and again!  Fun, fun, fun!

*some sign language (just repeating what I do but with her own style.  You should see her “all done” – it’s like “heh, whatever”)

*doing the motions to songs.  She waits for me to get to the “clap your hands” when I sing If You’re Happy And You Know It...

BRAG ALERT, BEEP BEEP:  I can tell she’s going to be a great student of all my songs with motions.   I have quite the repertoire, too.

Moving on.

*waves to herself in the mirror and says “ohhhhh”

*favorite books are Baby Einstein Mirror Me and Animal Kisses (she’ll crawl right on over if I start reading it)

*I love her crawl.  It’s a thump, thump, thump crawl.  Other than that, she’s extremely quiet when she’s en route to her destination.

Probably not a good omen.

*She’s pretty quiet overall, except for when she’s screaming her head off.  Say, for instance, when she needs a diaper change.  She does not enjoy lying down for the extended period of time that it takes me to snap, miss a snap, and re-snap Carters pajamas.

But I need her to lie down, I tell her.


(A baby lotion bottle, the sound of crinkly grocery bags and a firm no sometimes help distract her.  But let me say, diaper changing isn’t my favorite activity, although she does impress me with her agility.  Can’t wait for the chance to do this in the airplane lavatory this week!)

Oh wait, crutches.

Can’t wait for Mike to have the chance to do this in the airplane lavatory this week.

Maybe we’ll just dress her like this:




She seems to like it.


Somebody needs to come up with a funny caption for the bagel picture.  I’m fresh out of funny right now.


But I’m filled up with love for my baby girl.  Who is growing too fast out of the baby stage.  Love you, Mini.


15 thoughts on “10 Months

  1. Caption: “Um, I believe I asked for a donut. At least put some cream cheese on this thing! Sheez! Ten months, you think she would have figured it out by now.”

  2. Jim’s caption is great!

    So is your post!

    And that smile of Mini’s – I could eat her with a spoon! She is just too, too cute!

    And seriously, I just can’t believe the lengths that you will go to get out of changing a silly little diaper!

  3. She is so beautiful Anna! 🙂 She’s growing up so fast! I’m so amazed by all that she can do already! Hallelujah for being on crutches this week, right? Good luck to Mike on the airplane! LOL. 🙂

  4. So wonderful. My 10 month-old hates the diaper change too. Everytime I even so much as walk near the changing pad, she starts to scream. Maybe it’s an age thing? whatever it is, I hope that it passes fast!

  5. oh, she is just too cute!! That bagel photo is a good one – it’s the finger and the look in her eye that just makes the photograph!! I can just about picture her expounding on some very important subject and gesticulating with the bagel and making the point with her finger!!

  6. Caption for the bagel…

    “THIS bagel? You want THIS one? Are you sure? Are you POSITIVE? … Do you REALLY think Im gonna share with you? Uhm ya NO!” 😉

  7. TEN MONTHS. Whew. Oh, but the next year is the BEST of early childhood. So much for her to learn, so much for you to show her, she’ll become more and more communicative and loving. I can’t wait for Peabody to get there. Well, I mean, I CAN wait, because now is fun, too, but I do look forward to all of the things Mini’s doing now. Just less stressful than the eat, poop, spit-up, sleep, eat, cry routine of the younger set!

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