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Sincerely Complaining

The last few days have been long and tiring and, honestly, depressing.  I feel like a big fat complainer here, but waaaaah!

My foot is feeling much better but it’s psyching me out a little.  It says, “sure, Anna, go ahead and use me to take a few steps.”  I listen to it, the idea backfires, and I call myself an idiot.

The boot is heavy and uncomfortable.  I’m grateful for it because having a walking boot means that walking is, eventually, going to happen.  I really hope it happens long before the 3 weeks is up.  We’re traveling for Christmas next Saturday and I hope I can leave the crutches behind.

The crutches are exhausting.  I hate them.  I rebel against them and crawl all over the place.  But then I need them because my knees are sore (I skinned them when I fell).  So I have to crawl to retrieve them or call for Max to get them for me.  It’s not so much fun and the process just took 30 minutes.

Max and Mini have been awesome (answered prayer).  Since I’m on the floor, Mini is happy until she’s tired.  Then I crawl upstairs with her to put her down in her crib.  She’s been taking 2 hour naps – yay!  We thought about setting up the portable crib on the main level but there’s no way she’d sleep that long so the trek upstairs is worth it.

Max has been a huge help.  He’s very quick to serve and I’m happy to see that side of him.  Often he comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek and says something sweet.  He thinks my Storm Trooper boot is really cool but he’s disappointed I only have one.

It’s nice that Max is more independent these days.  This week has given him a crash course in pouring his own Froot Loops (never say never) and fetching his own snacks from the pantry.  Thank goodness we had fully stocked shelves of applesauce, granola bars, etc.

By 3 p.m. I am done.   And that’s after two naps earlier in the day and virtually no housework other than dishes.  I’m just so worn out tired and counting the minutes before Mike walks in the door.  He’s been so helpful and has taken over the nightly bedtime routine.

When M & M go to bed I get to come downstairs (where our computer, TV, and laundry room are) for the first time all day.  I read emails that put a huge smile on my face, catch up on blogs, and fold a couple loads of wrinkled clothes.

Tonight I wrote our Christmas letter, looked at pictures from Mini’s birth, and ordered groceries online.  I’m feeling re-fueled at the moment.

But two flights of stairs await me.

Thanks for listening.  I hate complaining (doesn’t mean I don’t do it, I just feel convicted about it) about a stupid FOOT.  I’m trying hard to laugh and, when I get to stay put on the floor, I’m enjoying the quality non-rushed time with Max and Mini.

Also, I’m totally in good hands.  Friends have brought over dinner, my mom has been my chauffeur and housecleaner several days in a row, and Mike is taking care of everything in between.  I need to stop complaining.


9 thoughts on “Sincerely Complaining

  1. You’re not complaining – you’re just sharing your feelings – there’s a difference, right! 🙂 When Belle was a few weeks old I fell and just sprained my ankle and it was awful – I can’t imagine how tough it must be for you. Hang in there – sounds like you have a good system in place. Don’t forget to find the joy in this journey (really I’m sure there’s some)!

  2. Hey, you’re only complaining because you have things to do do and you KNOW you can’t do them!!

    I’d say that it’s time to enjoy NOT rushing about the place and unwind yourself before Christmas – not long now!!

  3. Oh dear! Look what happens when I go off and not read your blog! Oh dear. Oh dear! I am so bummed this happened to you. I am finally healing from a broken toe and I thougth that was the pits!!! I can only imagine the inconvience of this, esp. having a baby. But I am so happy you have friends helping out -I would bring you food if I still lived there! 🙂 Maybe some cookies?

  4. I’m so sorry for you! Being mama is hard and even harder when we’re not at 100%!

    Glad to hear that Max and Mini are adjusting to your stint as Storm Trooper so well!

    Hang in there friend…

  5. Oh Anna I’m sorry your foot is being such a pain! 😦 Isn’t it crazy how much we depend on every single part of our body? I know I never appreciate every inch of my body until it’s out of commission and I realize how each part is so important for whatever function it performs.

    Thankfully you have a great support system to help you out! I’ll make sure to pray for a speedy recovery! Feel better soon! 🙂

  6. Sorry to hear about your foot…it’s sad to have injuries around the holidays, and you have to slow down, but just gotta say you are not the only one with injured foot…I was stupid and 2nd degree sprained my left ankle yesterday while WALKING…can’t I even walk around a college campus anymore?? My good news is that I will be good as new….doctor actually said “leaping tall buildings” within a couple of weeks. Just gotta stay off from it this weekend. At least I have a almost 5 year old and 18 year old that can mostly fend for themselves! Hope your foot heals quickly! and REST, REST, REST!!! That was doctor’s orders for me!

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