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Footwear Fashionista

Look at me, I picked up a little somethin’ somethin’ last night while I was out.  It’s all the rage in footwear for the holidays.


And look here!  Look what’s under the tree!  Santa came EARLY just for me!


I was walking back to the car from a homeschool meeting and missed a step, fell forward while carrying Mini, and landed on the side of my foot.  Mini was strapped into her infant seat, thank God, and I held a tight grip onto the handle when I fell.  Only the seat hit the ground and she’s okay but it was scary.

I had debated whether or not to take her out of the car seat that night but, since the weather was really cold and knew it was going to be a late night, I chose to keep her in it.   I’m super thankful for that.

Anyway,  my foot is broken and tomorrow I’ll go to the orthopedist to find out what kind of cast I’ll be in and for how long I’ll have to wear it.  Let’s hope for a walking boot thing.  I don’t know why that would be a possiblity since I can’t bear weight on my foot right now, but it’s the season for wishing.

Boot thing! Boot thing!  Let’s wish for the boot thing!  Yes, they’re so very unattractive, but so is a hard cast and crutches.

Although I am considering a red cast.

Holiday fashionista, I am.


11 thoughts on “Footwear Fashionista

  1. NO! You did NOT! Oh, how I wish I was there to come make dinner for you and your family and do whatever else needs to be done…oh, like holding Mini for hours on end…but I guess you can probably still do that, huh!?!

  2. Oh no! I thank God that you and Mini are ok. What a scary thing. I will keep you in my prayers and feel better soon. Let us know if you need anything. We can always ship out some dinner.s 😉

  3. You poor thing, I am so very sorry!!! I am thankful that Mini was in the car seat. What a scary thought! You are in my prayers for a speedy recovery (and a boot thingy). On a positive note, you have such a beautiful tree that you can sit there and stare at for hours 🙂

  4. Anna!!! What in the world? I have had that fear of falling with Jacob, too…it’s so scary! Some of us will just do ANYthing to be a fashionista, huh?


    Boot thing! Boot Thing! Praying for a boot thing!

  5. Oh no! At least you have a reason to wear flats now and not have to put your heels on, oh wait who needs a reason I wear flats all the time! Your tree is beautiful!

  6. Oh you poor thing. I hope you’re not in too much pain. We’ll be praying for a “boot thing”!! and for lots of little helpers to come your way. Take care friend!

  7. oooh ouuuuuch oh! That looks so perfectly in season 😉 a red boot would go well with the tree though!

    Hope you get lots of helpers to help your Christmas go smoothly!! I would help, but I am too far across the pond!!

  8. Anna,

    Sorry to hear about this. I sprained my ankle Saturday playing basketball and was borrowing Amy’s 5’3″ crutches all weekend. So we have been hobbling at the same time. I will be praying for you to have a quick healing/recovery.

    I haven’t been to your blog in a while. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures of the kids and the adoption story.



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