I Love My Birthday!

I’m in a great mood!  It’s my birthday!

But Monday and Tuesday were down right irritating.  And during the Greatest Week of the Year, too.  Geez!  My computer was acting so weird.  I mentioned this to Mike over a rushed Spaghetti dinner (I know I claimed that I wasn’t going to cook this week, but I had to get out the pots and pans and force myself to throw noodles in boiling water and top it with Prego.  I couldn’t help it, we were limited on time and options before a homeschool recital.  More on that later (the recital, not the spaghetti.  I’m sure you’re not really interested in my spaghetti.  Neither am I.)

Back to the conversation with Mike about the computer.

Me: The computer is not working.

Mike: No, the computer is working just fine.

Me: No, it’s not.  It’s completely and utterly broken.  I need a new Mac.

Mike: No, you do not

(that part was made up.  But I do need a new Mac.)

Me: When I google something and click on it, a different website comes up.

Mike: (groan)

Later on that night after the recital (I promise to get back to that)

Mike: (sitting at the computer around 11 p.m.) (more groaning)

Anna: goodnight.

Mike (coming to bed at 3:30 a.m.) You can’t use the computer tomorrow, I have to do (blah, blah, yadda, yadda, computer jargon, computer jargon, something about anti-viral blocking, blah, blah).

Anna: (groan)

So, yesterday I woke up groaning because I had no computer to use and I pretty much groaned all day long.  I’m so spoiled.  Plus, I’m not getting a new Mac.  Not that I need one, or was even remotely thinking that I’d get one, but it’s still a bummer, don’t you think?

But now, my computer is back and running and I’m very happy.  My husband stayed up really late even though he is exhausted (new job’s going well…but church business is busy this week).  So I’m very appreciative for him.

It’s also my birthday which makes me very happy, too.  Did I mention that I love my birthday?


I promised to tell you about the recital.  Actually, there’s a lot to catch you up on.

Thanksgiving: great!  Honey Baked Ham does a great whole turkey.  It cost $36 but it was worth every penny.  Easy peasy.  I had a great time hosting the dinner and it was low on the stress scale this year because everyting was simple.  Yet delicious.


Anniversary: Mike and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary on Sunday by ordering dinner from Longhorn Steakhouse and watching a movie after we put M & M to bed.  On Friday night we had tickets to the Capitals game and had a blast together, then Saturday we spent the day with family.  On Sunday afternoon Mike gave me lots of free time to shop and mosey around.  It was a perfect weekend, if you ask me.


Go Caps! They beat Montreal 3-0.  (Trust Sincerely Anna for all the latest headlines.)


Mike was willing for me take a picture of us during the game, can you believe it?  Shoot!  A little too close! This made us (okay, me) laugh hysterically.

On that note, I need to go now.  I promise to tell you about the recital at a later time (I know, you don’t believe me).

Life is good.  Have a great day!


16 thoughts on “I Love My Birthday!

  1. happy birthday to both of you guys and happy annv. 12 wonderful years congrats.I def look up to you and mike.Adam and I were talking at thanksgiving about life and famiy and what amazing parents you guys are and how lucky the kiddos are to have you. I am blessed to have you guys in my family


    I started out joking about needing/wanting a new Mac a while back. Then I got one, and it’s a year later…and I’m STILL practically unable to use it! (not really, but every time I use it I am amazed at how different it is from our PCs) So careful about what you wish for!

    Happy Birthday! 🙂

  3. Now I don’t feel so bad about those self-portraits I was trying to do for us at the concert! Glad you are having a good week…..and hope it continues on in this manner 😉

  4. Happy Birthday (a little late). Excited for you today! I’m sure that it’ll be the second best day of the year for you (after the day that Mini was born)!

  5. Hope you had a great day! LOVE hockey!! I’m addicted to it…my big kid played, now refs, and my little kid just started! Gotta have my hockey game fix every couple of months!!
    Hockey lovin’ homeschooling moms…gotta stick together!!

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